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  • Why ezTalks? ezTalks provides a full range of software and hardware video conferencing solutions, helping business communication easily and fast.
    • ezTalks Cloud Service

      Work is not a place any more. ezTalks cloud service allows to establish and maintain collaboration & cooperation easily.

    • ezTalks On-Premise Solution

      ezTalks On-premise Solution enables us to deliver information securely while transforming work flows through high-quality video conferencing.

    • ezTalks Onion

      Equipped with cloud-based software and hardware in one, ezTalks Onion links you and your team through HD images and clear voice in real-time.

    • Video Conference Camera

      ezTalks video conferencing camera - meet with everyone everywhere face-to-face and experience meetings with HD video images.

    • Video Conference Mic/Speaker

      Regardless of the participants’ locations, ezTalks microphone speaker make everyone hear or to be heard clearly.

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