Looking for web & video conferencing software alternatives to host your online meeting needs. Using web conferencing software, you can schedule, start, and join the meeting, also you can run the webinar, get instant feedback from your attendees and so on.

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5 Zoho Meeting Alternatives

Video Conference | Video Meeting

Zoho Meeting is indeed a popular business communication tool in the globe today. However, as exemplary as Zoho tool is there are a good number of alternatives for users.

By: Echo Brown Jul 04, 2017

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GoToTraining Alternatives and Similar Software

Training | Teleconferencing

The following tools are worth considering when looking for a platform that gives the ability to share content one-on-one with e-learning professionals.

By: Eli Bruce Jul 04, 2017

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Top 7 Alternatives to Zoom Cloud Meeting

Video Meeting | Video Conference

Since Zoom Cloud Meeting has so many shortcomings, you might want to get a better alternatives to it. Here are top 7 Zoom Cloud Meeting alternatives recommended for you.

By: Janice Jun 28, 2017

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