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Google Hangouts is a good tool for users to communicate with colleagues and clients. However, Google Hangouts is not always so satisfying that many users are trying to find other better alternatives. Here I'd like to recommend ezTalks - an ideal alternative to Google Hangouts.


In Conclusion

Only Up to 10 Participants

Google Hangouts only allows a maxim of 10 people to join the meeting at one time.

Up to 100 Participants for free

ezTalks allows up to 100 people join the meeting at one time for free, and much more for the professional plan.

Not Friendly for Non-Google Users

It needs google account or chrome browser.

Friendly for All Users

No google account or chrome browser limit.

Poor Audio/Video Chat

The connection and clarity of audio and video seems not so good.

Better Audio/Video Chat

More stable connection and better clarity of audio and video.

Less Effective Features

XNo Whiteboard

XNo Co-annotation

XNo Remote Control

XNo Recording

More Effective Features



Remote Control

Recording and Play Back


Not So Good Customer Support

XNo 7/24 email, livechat and phone support

Better Customer Support

7/24 email, livechat and phone support

The Ideal Alternative to Google Hangouts

  • Free for up to 100 Participants
  • Screen Sharing and Annotation
  • Fluent Group Video/Audio/IM Chat
  • White Board and Remote Control
  • Record and Play Back