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6 Essential Things for Mobile Learning You Must Know

Part 1: Definition of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is one of the electronic learning techniques. It is an example of distant learning system where smartphones and tablets act as the platform to facilitate learning. They act as a point of communication between the student and the tutor. It is a very convenient, flexible and cheap mode of learning that entails the use of digital data in forms of e-mails, short text messages, phone calls, video conferences, teleconferences and online chatting. It is usually abbreviated as mLearning.

Part 2: mLearning and ezTalks

ezTalks is a highly reputable firm offering the most advanced and tailored software that facilitates video conferencing. It offers high speed communication software which ensures real-time information sharing between or among parties involved, including the i0S/Android version that was invented purposely for smartphones and tablets (for more information on ezTalks products and services, visit the http://www.eztalks.com). This has facilitated e-learning and hence ensuring a very close relationship between ezTalks and mLearning.

Part 3: Key Features of mLearning

l. Virtual meeting platform or virtual classroom. ezTalks offers an online platform that act as a conference room, meeting room or a classroom where the parties involved would communicate.

2. Hardware and software that facilitate communication. These entail the smartphones, tablets and the i0S/Android software.

3. Internet connection and mobile provider networks; these would facilitate data transfers and quick communications.

4. Data and information are digitized.

Part 4: How mLeaning Works with ezTalks

First of all, you must install ezTalks for mLearning and login with your ezTalks account afterwards. Then students would register for their preferred courses online, pay their fee and pursue their courses according to the tutor's schedule. The tutor would teach multiple students logged in, whereas the students would individually submit their feedbacks to the tutor making the session a bit lively and conversational. The tutor would assign students tasks and collect their corresponding feedbacks with the aid of video conferencing, e-mails, phone calls or short text messages. In short, ezTalks offers real-time data sharing and is very effective and efficient for students and tutors alike.

Part 5: Advantages of mLearning

1. It is highly convenient to both tutors and learners; this is evidenced where the students are employed and working in distant places but would like to pursue certain courses. For those who would not want to visit places, they find it most exciting since they accomplish their tasks whilst at their comfort and wish.

2. It saves time since travelling time is avoided. Students would only log in when they need to study and hence utilizing their extra time.

3. It offers a unique learning experience where data relied upon is mainly digitized and hence tracking words or books from available databanks is a simple task.

4. It is relatively cheaper way of studying since the otherwise travelling fares, visa and passport processing fees are avoided. The cost of digital files is much cheaper as opposed to the print copy.

5. It is relatively fast way of reaching out to thousands of international students as well as tutors and hence offering 24-hour service.

6. The tendency for students to flock and cause chaos is greatly minimized since they reside very far apart.

Part 6: Disadvantages of mLearning

1. It demands for good understanding of information technology, possession of a smartphone and internet access.

2. There is no feel of human experience.

3. It would be an easy target for malicious people and hackers. This would be the result of information leakage or cyber-crimes.

Optional: Conclusions and Recommendations

From the above, it is most likely that education would take a paradigm shift from the traditional face-to-face teaching to mobile learning since the requirements including smartphones are easily accessed and are very affordable.

Cheaper and faster internet access tools like fiber are also emerging while the most reputable companies including ezTalks are making major innovations and developments to introduce more sophisticated and tailored softwares.

The advantages of mLearning outweigh the disadvantages, so we expect more growth and development in the system.

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