10 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2018

The e-learning market is growing at a good rate. In fact, according to the latest surveys, the e-learning market is expected to grow more than 5-6% from 2016 to 2023. So, it is not a surprise that most people are either publishing or selling courses online or taking the online courses to learn about a particular subject matter.

Thus, comes the requirement of best online learning platforms where both the parties can provide and receive the information/course online without any kind of hassle. Luckily, there are many different learning platforms that are known for providing the best kind of support possible.

Here, for your convenience, 10 of best online learning platforms have been mentioned next. So to know about them, do read on:

1. ezTalks Meetings

With options like availability of both group and private chat, advantages that come with using co-annotation and whiteboard, hosting a conference/webinar up to 100 students for free, screen sharing and also recording and playback options, it is no surprise that ezTalks Meetings is a favorite online learning platform for many.

 Free Online Education Tool

  • Free for up to 100 Participants
  • Fluent Group Video/Audio/IM Chat
  • One Click to Join In
  • Screen Sharing & Whiteboard
  • Recording and Playback


The best thing about Teachable is the fact that there are around 20000 active courses which are taken by around 3 million students. So, there is no doubt that this particular platform is indeed a great online learning platform. In this platform one can host course and at the same time control the branding, pricing and student data. It is both a free and paid platform.


3. Articulate Storyline 360

The best thing about this learning platform is that a student can interact with the course via dragging, swiping, zooming and pinching the screen of the smartphone while the e-learning process is taking place. This enables the student to learn better and faster and on-the-go, making it a user-friendly platform as well.

articulate storyline 360

4. Skillshare

In this platform, the instructors will be given tools to create courses (including video lessons and class project). The classes are pre-recorded and self-paced 10 to 25 minutes long videos, so the students can get all the information needed in just a few minutes. Usually, $1-2 as enrollment fee needs to be paid; but once enrolled they can enjoy the advantage that comes with 25 learners in the class, earning money via royalty pool and “Skillshare’s Partner Program”.


5. Academy of Mine

This one is one of the best online learning programs and platforms for sure. The students are provided with the option to choose between 2 modules which are different from one another. These two modules are the online academy and a virtual classroom. Teachers enjoy the drag and drop templates provided which saves them time.

academy of mine

6. ProClass

This particular software is known for offering online registration for classes. It is said that this one was created for different kinds of learning and training institutes, but it is now used by different businesses and non-profit organizations as well. The students can make deposits, pay the balance and also update their personal information in this platform only.


7. General Assembly

Even though General Assembly is New-York based, it campuses in many different cities all around the world focusing on education in technology, design and business. The best thing about this platform is that with online-only selection there is also the option of in-person classes and mixed courses which enable the students to choose as per their requirements and/or learning capacity. The students can learn with the help of watching live streams of popular lectures and also real-time interaction with the lecturer and also other students.

general assembly

8. Udemy

Undoubtedly a game-changer in the field of digital learning platform, Udemy can offer around 800 new courses each month. The best thing about this one is that the courses are available at different price range. So, if you just need to brush up on a certain subject or just learn the basics, then go for a $10 course of the particular subject. But, if you are looking something precise or advance then you can go for the $100 course of the same subject in question.


9. Click4Course

This one is considered as the best online learning platform by many of its users. The platform offers a 30-day free trial option where there will be no need to provide credit card information which is a great thing. A user can enjoy this platform to the maximum with a monthly fee of $65 (in case the payment is made annually) along with a 10% processing fee for each course sold.


10. WizIQ

A free plan with a free trial, and also an $83 per month; both of these options provided by the platform makes it a great place to learn and teach. It has provided the virtual classroom and also the online academy options which allow the student to choose as per their preference. If someone wants to sell files and provide lectures in video format, then they should go for the online academy option.


There you have it, 10 of the top online learning platforms that can help you out whether you can to teach or learn online. All of them comes with their unique and advantageous features. So, choose the one which suits your need the most to get the best end result quickly and accurately.



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