• Jan 18, 2017
  • How to Schedule Meetings Online

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  • Scheduling a meeting is recognized as one of the most useful ways to improve work efficiency because it can provide attendees sufficient time to make full preparation in advance. Equipped with the function of online meeting scheduling, EZTalks knows you well! Read on to learn how to schedule online meeting with EZTalks.

    Step 1: Launch EZTalks and login with your account, then click “Schedule Meeting” on the main interface.

    schedule meetings online

    Step 2: Then you’ll get a window to invite attendees, fill in the subject, set the time and enter the detailed information for the meeting.

    schedule a meeting online

    Note: To invite attendees, you can either manually type into the email addresses of those you want to invite or directly choose from the contact list on the right if you’ve managed contacts in EZTalks.

    Step 3: Click “Schedule” and EZTalks will send meeting subject as well as the detailed information to each attendee via email.

    After that, you’d navigate to “Meetings” automatically where displays both scheduled meetings and meeting history. FYI, you can also click the “Meetings” button on the bottom of main interface to check all online meeting agenda.

    online meeting agenda

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