ezTalks Video Meetings


Free Conference Call


Where You Can Make Phone Calls, You Can Join Meetings

With ezTalks Audio Calls, as long as you can make phone calls, you can join meetings. Dial the number for your territory (Available Numbers) and enter your meeting ID. There you go with your teams.

Voice Quality Guaranteed

Nothing matters more than smooth and stable communication in a meeting. Guarantee the clarity of your voice with ezTalks Audio Calls! Clear and stable collaborative experience with your partners will be delivered.

No Apps Needed for the Meeting

The complexity of downloading and installation of apps now resolved with ezTalks Audio Calls! It enables you to join a video conference with dial-in numbers just as easily as making a phone call.

No Extra Fees

High-quality VoIP and toll-free service allow calling into a toll-free number with no extra fees from the attendees.
Or you can choose the toll-based audio option. You will not be charged for this audio conferencing option and only the fees for Toll Call are needed.