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ezTalks Allows for Windows Room Calendar Sync & Local Camera Control

179 | Feb 20, 2020

The video conferencing & collaborative solution provider, ezTalks Technology Company Limited, has released its innovative Windows Room Calendar Sync & Local Camera Control features for better user experience. ezTalks allows users to sync the scheduled a meeting to the calendar on desktop devices and makes it possible to control the local HD camera during a meeting, webinar or any virtual event with the Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality. While marches forward quickly with its ezTalks hardware solutions, just as important, ezTalks still holds its software service as its core business and puts efforts on the improvements of functions.

Video conferencing has gone from a travel-saving feature that businesses use occasionally to an indispensable tool for everyday collaboration. According to the survey Global Video Conferencing Market Analysis, Forecast to 2023, the global enterprise video conferencing market is expected to reach USD 7.94 billion by 2023. Rapidly increasing demand for video communication owing to globalization of businesses, geographically scattered business operations, and remote workforce management is a major driver in the market. Therefore, ezTalks aims to bring much more convenience and efficiency to each distinguished user who is expected to reduce operational and management costs in each video conference, subsequently improving productivity.

Nowadays, many people are trapped in countless jobs every day while meeting is one of the common things that people need to arrange. It is quite important to add those meetings to the calendar, which can help users have an overall look of the meetings at a quick glance and help users to split up the time so that the right tasks are done at the right time. ezTalks strives to help every user get everything well-arranged in such a fast-paced society by advanced innovations and continuous enhancement.

Besides, no matter startups or large-scale enterprises, it is unavoidable to have various group communications. Then, a lot of video conference cameras are available on the market which helps to capture the participants in the conference room in picture. But if users want to capture everyone and every detail by controlling the camera remotely from Windows, it is vital to rely on Local Camera Control feature provided by some video conferencing software. ezTalks software comes to the fore in this aspect, satisfying users’ needs of different monitoring management and remote command by simple clicks on the desktop device.

Convenient Windows Room Calendar Sync

ezTalks Rooms has published a new version for Windows, which allows users to add the scheduled meetings to users’ Default calendar or the Google and Outlook web calendar. More and more users tend to use this way to make a schedule for themselves on which they can arrange their busy lives systematically. Honestly speaking, this is a good habit since users can manage and view whenever and wherever they want efficiently, and then define the priorities for the coming tasks. After setting up a room, there are three ways available for users who want to schedule a room.

√ Sync with Default Calendar on Computer: The ezTalks software will remember the default calendar and next time it will automatically connect to the same calendar on computer.

√ Sync with the Outlook Web Calendar: After scheduling a meeting, users can log in personal Outlook account and it will be automatically added to the accordingly calendar. Then, the details of each meeting will be accessible on the Outlook web calendar.

√ Sync with the Google Web Calendar: Once users click on Google Calendar, users can log in Google account and the meeting arrangement will be automatically added to the calendar. Then, users will find the details of the meeting easily.

No matter which way users choose via ezTalks, once a calendar is connected, any meetings users schedule will appear on the leads they’re booked with. Changes to the calendar event will update the synced meetings automatically. Also, if users have reminders enabled, ezTalks will send the reminders for meetings added to these calendars. All these come to simplify the process of scheduling and synchronizing each meeting, contributing to maximum convenience and productivity.

Flexible Local Camera Control

ezTalks software can be used as a camera controller to take control of the local camera and use Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) functionality of the camera remotely. No matter PC has a built-in camera or there is a connected webcam, it must support these features. Local Camera Control from ezTalks Windows PC version allows users to control the camera settings via computer by clicking the corresponding places in the software to make it move up, down, left or right respectively. Moreover, users can choose the video definition as they want from 320*240 to 1920*1080. Therefore, users can merely sit in front of the computer and control the local camera easily bring everyone in picture and grasp the details clearly even in a large space, which increases the meeting flexibility without crowding all the attendees into a tiny space. More conveniently, ezTalks provides a series of hardware solutions with built-in cameras for any size of teams and office rooms, ranging from mini rooms to large rooms. All of them can be compatible with such a feature for flexible local camera control.

With its aim of providing easy, reliable and affordable video conferencing and business collaborative solutions, ezTalks’ programmers, together with engineers and designers are working on all features in different devices, no except Windows functions in this time. “We really hope to facilitate effective communication in teams to boost business productivity by the innovative and practical features (Windows Room Calendar Sync & Local Camera Control) brought in this version," said Jack Zhang, the Product Director of ezTalks “There are still more to expect about our products. We are still on the way to further improve user experience in each meeting or webinar.”

For more information please visit https://www.eztalks.com or contact our support team support@eztalks.com.

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