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ezTalks Brings Telephone Dial-in Features into Online Meetings

38 | Jan 26, 2018

HONG KONG, Jan. 26, 2018 - ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the world leading web & video conferencing service provider, recently announced a new enhanced feature - Telephone Dial-in feature for ezTalks Meetings service. Now users can join a free online meeting for up to 100 interactive participants even with no Internet available, which is a great step toward digital collaboration for business productivity.

ezTalks Meetings is a free, easy and reliable cloud-based service which allows teams to collaborate anytime from anywhere on any device. Widely used for online meetings, remote education, after-sales support and telemedicine, ezTalks Meetings has greatly improved the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of users all over the world.

The Telephone Dial-in feature is the newly updated highlight that ezTalks team has introduced. With this feature, users can easily join online meetings on the following occasions:
1. There is no microphone or speaker on the computer;
2. There is no available smartphone to download the video conferencing app;
3. There is no Internet connection to your computer/smartphone.

Online meetings are made easy and fast by simply picking up your phone, dialing the numbers and entering 8-digit the meeting ID. There are no extra charges for adding this feature to the original plan and the toll-free service will be available soon with no costs for the attendees to join meetings from any location.

For more than 8 years, ezTalks has devoted itself to technology innovation and creation to propel digital business and unified communication to release the creative energy of the teams like ever before. The devotion to technology drives many major updates such as telephone call-in, recurring meetings, polling, and sync with Calendar to be achieved recently to provide a more reliable, easier and simpler experience for all the users.

“ezTalks aims to provide users easy, safe and reliable web & video conferencing service and transform the ways people work, communicate and collaborate to optimize business productivity,” said ezTalks' global marketing director Jack Cheung. "This (telephone call-in feature) is only one small step we took to our destination. More is to be done and we are always on the road to meet any requirements from our customers.”

Except for this audio conferencing feature, ezTalks Meetings also enables users of screen sharing, group video chat, file sharing, IM, whiteboard and recording. More of the features are on the way and please visit www.eztalks.com to have a free try.


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