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ezTalks Brings Recording Online View Feature into Meetings and Webinar Services

14 | Apr 04, 2019

ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the renowned web & video conferencing service provider, is proud to publish the novel and polished Recording Online View feature to enhance your web conferencing platform. ezTalks always aims to provide an effective communicating experience for its users, and the new Recording Online View feature is no exception.

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Have you ever left a meeting or a webinar thinking to yourself, "Wow, that was a great experience! I got some excellent ideas!" But it is quite difficult to try to remember all of those important ideas and information that have been mentioned during the session unless it's been recorded in some way. What you missed might be more than just sparkling ideas, but if acted upon, a stepping stone for some new opportunities. For a similar reason, companies tend to record video conferences or webinars as a whole, or everything of importance that transpires in a meeting or a webinar. The sole purpose being the ability to share the information and to replay the materials when and if necessary.

What Is Recording Online View Feature?

As we know, most of the video conferencing platforms allow recordings playback after a download. The Recording Online View feature now offers an alternative way for your audience to replay and rewatch the meetings/webinars you hosted with the ezTalks software. This option also makes the recording available online at all times and with no need to download it to your device.

When sharing the recording all you need to do is send the link by email, post the link on a website, blog, or social media platforms of your own preference. All the interested participants will be able to open and view the shared links by using their pc or mobile devices and connecting to the internet.

Why Does ezTalks Offer the Recording Online View Feature?

More Options Available

With the addition of Recording Online View feature, the ezTalks conferencing platform now proudly offers different options for its users- Download for Playback and/or Replay Online. Based on your preference, the audience can now download your recording file or simply click the link you distributed for online playback. This way, ezTalks can meet various needs of users and satisfy the need for brilliant services beyond their expectations.

Instant Playback Saves Much Time

According to a business entrepreneur, time is precious and, in many cases, referred to as being money. Of course, time is very important in every sector and a valuable attribute for a great success. If one can save time and make use of the same for productive purposes, this, in many cases, will result in gaining more returns. Recording Online View precisely serves the purpose to reduce the waste of time for those who were not invited or able to attend the meeting or webinar and have to download the entire recording before being able to play it back. With Recording Online View feature, the audience can now simply click the shared link which will initiate the playback and eliminate any waiting time.

Protect the Piracy

Allowing your audiences to download the recordings- especially copyright-related material- makes it much easier for your content to be pirated. Your recordings could be shared with others through file-sharing networks or in other ways. However, online viewing makes it much harder to copy the content and prevents the audience from saving a copy to their own devices. This may give you better peace of mind when distributing your meeting or webinar content online.

Remove the Complexity for Downloading

Are you experiencing any issues when downloading your recordings to your local storage? There is no doubt that saving recording files typically consumes a lot of space on the device, which may affect the device operating speed. Also, you may need to convert the recordings into any particular version when downloading the recordings on any media. This will all change with ezTalks Recording Online View feature!

Pricing and Availability

Recording Online View feature is included in the STANDARD, PRO and BUSINESS pricing plans of both ezTalks Meetings and Webinar services. You can get specified “Views” without any extra fee. Once you exceed its corresponding free “Views”, you need to pay as you go. Click here and get more details!

“ezTalks strives to provide users with an easy, reliable and outstanding way to work, communicate and collaborate. Different people have different requirements, but definitely, they all want to optimize their business productivity. That’s also what we want to help them achieve,” said Nina, the product manager of this remarkable feature, "This (Recording Online View feature) is also one small step we took to our destination."

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