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ezTalks Enhances Meeting Experience by Updating New Meeting Interface

16 | Apr 19, 2019

The video conferencing & collaborative solution provider, ezTalks Technology Company Limited, recently released its new version of ezTalks Meetings with updated in-meeting UI. While marches forward quickly with its ezTalks Webinar and Rooms Solutions, ezTalks still holds Meetings as its core business and puts efforts on the improvements of functions, interface as well as support for ezTalks Meetings.

This big update in Windows 3.6.0 version offered a cleaner, simpler yet more effective “meeting room” for all ezTalks users. The icons, the positions, the font of words and portals were re-designed and the user interaction was easier and more efficient.

A Modern, Simple and Easy Style

While the old version for the meeting room offers traditional icons with “primitive” design, the 3.6.0 version improved the experience by using simple and modern icons to better attract and engage the audience. It is made cleaner by replacing the redundant grey background with neat back and white color.

The functions bar is easy choose and directs users into interactive features like Sharing Whiteboard or Desktop.

Friendly User Interaction

The best criteria for a software is how easily the user can find what he wants. In another way, how user-friendly this app is. This is another feature ezTalks has improved in this Windows 3.6.0 version via the user-friendly portals. Users can easily find the functions he needs in this new ezTalks meeting room. Enlarging/minimizing videos or windows icon is obviously showed with two simple arrows instead of the square. The sharing icon shows clearly to share desktop or whiteboard instead of the old vague icon. These newly-designed icons offer great convenience for the users to find the functions in the meeting and make it user-friendly.

Flexible Menu Bar When Sharing Desktop or Whiteboard

In the older versions, when the users shared the whiteboard, it was difficult to find the menu bar if some settings needed to be changed because you needed to move the mouse arrow to a specific area so that the menu bar could show up. And too often it took time to find that specific bar. It costs time and convenience. The new version solves this problem with a fixed menu bar on the top of your screen. Just a click and you can enjoy any functions you need.

“There are still more to expect about our the UI of our products,” said Jack Zhang, the Product Director of ezTalks “our designers, together with engineers are working on all the interfaces including the product, dashboard and official website. Soon we will present a new ezTalks with easy, simple and effective features to all of our users.

With its aim of providing easy, reliable and affordable video conferencing & business collaborative solutions, ezTalks has moved another step forward by improving its user interface. The updated features help to facilitate unified communication in teams, projects or departments and leverage the power or collaborative tools to boost business productivity.

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