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ezTalks Expands American Market at InfoComm 2017

57 | Jun 20, 2017

June 20, 2017- The largest and most fantastic technology event, InfoComm 2017, in North American market to show the newest innovations in audiovisual technology draw to a wonderful close last Friday. Under the theme of “Brilliant Video Conferencing", ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the global leading video conferencing solution provider, has fully displayed its innovative video conferencing technology and full portfolio of solutions to all the attendees, which is another step this company has made towards the global market.

During the three-day exhibition, ezTalks has welcomed attendees from different industries with its attractive and competitive demos and presentations of its brilliant solutions. Since North-American video conferencing market has emerged to be the first in this industry, collaborative solutions are on great demand. According to Transparency Market Research, by the end of 2023, the revenue earned by video conferencing players in North America is expected to near US$2.9 bn. ezTalks is seizing this opportunity to accelerate collaborative business and unified communication using the platform of InfoComm 2017 with innovation, creativeness and dedication. 

eztalks at infocomm2017 end1

The cloud-based video conferencing segment is rapidly growing

While traditional as well as on premise video conferencing offer a much more secure and controlled means of communication for an enterprise, these solutions limit in a very important way: The initial investment is high and bars small and medium enterprises from using video conferencing solutions. This pushes the growing of cloud-based video conferencing and taking greater market share every year  ezTalks Cloud Meeting is the right solution for this segment which is streamlined and built to enhance the way people communicate in an affordable way. The free service plan of ezTalks Cloud enables up to 100 attendees to join a full-featured online meeting at the same time to provide users with enough opportunities to try and feedback. 

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Global enterprises looking for unified communication tools

The implementation of unified communication tools will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communication between employees, branches and headquarter, company and clients, as the use of video conferencing solution will reduce budget and save time. Additionally, the development of digital business will also accelerate this market with big demand in cost-effective price. ezTalks is dedicated to provide cloud-based solutions, on-premise solutions and a series of video conferencing room equipment to make a more flexible, affordable and simpler workplace to communicate.

Digital Health in emerging demand

Hospital issues and patient-doctor relationship are always the hot topics and demand for higher efficiency as technology develops. Long length of appointment, long travel time and high cost obstacle the hospital visiting efficiency so that introducing video conferencing solution, an interactive way to connect patients and doctors, will highly improve efficiency and save cost. ezTalks provides frontier technology that is perfectly suitable for telehealth in the aspect of care support, health consultancy and health education, which means a promising market.

“Apart from that, ezTalks also offers solutions to other sectors such as enterprise, government, community and finance also in need of video conferencing technology” said Jack, Director of ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd. “ezTalks aims to provide a smarter and better workplace for enterprises and as made a good start in InfoComm 2017 and will do more in the coming InfoComm India in September”.



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About InfoComm Orlando

InfoComm Orlando is North America’s largest exhibition to show the newest innovations in audiovisual technology and hosts thousands of exhibitors, industry leaders, and technology products from around the world. 


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