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ezTalks Helps Control Meetings, Conferences and Events with Ease

19 | Jan 10, 2020

HongKong, January 1, 2020 --The leading video conferencing & collaborative solution provider, ezTalks Technology Company Limited, recently adds some new capabilities for iPhone users to help control meetings, conferences and events with ease. In terms of usability, simplicity and reliability, ezTalks iPhone App presents a great improvement since users can now lock meetings, create groups and send meeting notification on iPhone devices on the go.

Control Meetings, Conferences and Events with Ease

According to the 2019 American Express Global Meetings and Events Forecast, meeting activity will increase across virtually all types of meetings and regions, with a 1.3% increase in North America. Meetings are also expected to be both bigger and longer with an increase of attendees of up to 2.4% and an increase in time length of up to 1.9%. This shows the universality of meetings in each organization. Those who seek to connect geographically dispersed teams, increase productivity, and reduce travel costs are increasingly turning to technology as a substitute for in-person contact. In order to ensure the meeting to run smoothly, meeting control tools must play a vital role, especially in bigger online events.

Moreover, Apple iOS continues to hold its large share of the smartphone operating systems' market, which means a great number of users are using iOS devices. Confronted with such status, ezTalks takes user's needs into consideration and therefore, its recent innovations are aimed at any size of the office sector as well as for business travelers who only hold an iPhone device and need to take part in a video conference while they’re on the road.

Flexible Meeting Lock to keep the Meeting Room in Order

ezTalks’ Meeting Lock feature allows users to prevent unexpected participants from joining the current session via its iPhone App! Those who have back-to-back meetings no longer have to worry about being disrupted by additional participants if the session goes over the scheduled time. It helps to protect the meeting room as users want and also comes in handy if users run a personal meeting room frequently.  

iPhone hosts only need to click the Participants icon on the bottom of the screen and right click the participant's name. Then, hosts will see the "Lock Meeting" option and do the corresponding settings. When participants try to join a meeting from iPhone devices after it has been locked, they will be placed in a "Waiting List" for the host’s approval. Finally, on the host’s end, it will show a list of applicants in real time, and the host can accept or reject them to join. Also, once hosts allow for notifications during the meetings, hosts can get a notification if someone tries to join the meeting in progress.

Fastest Way to Create Groups on iPhone Apps for Interaction

ezTalks allows iPhone users to easily create private or public groups, send group chats, files, screen captures, images and start an instant group meeting with or without video. Users can add contacts and make a contact group and invite the contacts on the mobile app. After users make various contact groups, users may choose one of the groups before sending a chat to the group or starting a video call. No longer need to invite contacts again and again for different projects with the same members. Grouping your contacts makes navigating them on ezTalks iPhone apps much easier and allows users to interact with a multitude of contacts at once by allowing users to simply use the name of the group rather than typing in each individual every time.

Meeting Notification

“Meeting notification” feature is also available on iPhone devices. ezTalks hosts will receive an email notification if the hosts enable this feature. The notification email will prompt the host to start the meeting not long before the scheduled time. Also, the upcoming notifications will remind participants of upcoming meetings and allow them to join with one click. Either way, a really good meeting notification can be a figurative life-saver so that no matter how busy users are, users can still manage all those events that need to keep on top of.

All of such innovative functions for the iPhone version come to ensure that meetings won’t be disturbed with absolute security of the meeting information and give iPhone users a more effective way to control every online meeting, conference and event with ease. "We are here to provide enhanced meeting control on iPhone devices and change the way iPhone users experience those advanced technologies. This is another step forward by optimizing ezTalks apps on iPhone and there are more to explore. Let's look forward!" spoke Jack Zhang, the global director of ezTalks.

About ezTalks

ezTalks simplifies enterprise video conferencing & business collaboration, with easy, reliable and affordable video communication platforms including online meeting, video webinar, audio conferencing and smart video conferencing room solution. It enables users to have video and audio conferencing and webinars with features of group video chat, conferencing call, instant messaging, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, recording, etc. Billions of online meetings and webinars have been conducted via ezTalks in over 150 countries.

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