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ezTalks Meet Series Are Open to Multiple Video Conferencing Apps

28 | Aug 31, 2019

HongKong, September 1, 2019 -- ezTalks Technology Company Limited, the global innovator of video conferencing & collaborative solutions, recently announced that ezTalks Meet Series are open to multiple video conferencing software. ezTalks is the first one in the market to deliver this high compatibility and this means users are able to deploy different types of video conferencing software on ezTalks hardware for every meeting space.

According to the 2018 State of Video Conferencing Report, 89% of companies use 2-3 video conferencing platforms and the switching between these solutions means more installations, configuration, training, maintenance and budgets. The complexity caused through the installation process is a disaster for IT admins and end-users as well.

ezTalks has augmented the compatibility of its Meet Series video conferencing hardware and now the gap between different video conferencing systems is bridged by allowing to use different video conferencing platforms on one device. Highlights of this enhancement are as below:

Support Multiple Video Conferencing Platforms

All devices from ezTalks Meet Series support popular video conferencing apps including ezTalks, Skype for Business, Skype, Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Lifesize, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, etc. Or users are able to require other preferred software to be pre-installed on the device. This covers most of the frequently used video conferencing platforms in the market.

Switch Different Accounts Seamlessly

Users can switch between different platforms to connect with external online meeting with clients or business partners. The hassles of installing different video conferencing equipment for different platforms are eliminated and end-users are free to deploy the one they need in a flexible way. Users are able to start or join meetings from any of the platforms from the device and no more changes of devices are needed.

Covering All Sizes of Meeting Room

ezTalks Meet Series is the conference room solution that enables any size of room from focus room, huddle room, medium room to large room to be turned into a video conferencing space easily and quickly. The choice comes to be much easier as users just figure out the room size and budget, thus the solution is there. The unique feature of this series is the product design. The all-in-one design makes the installations easy as a breeze and people with common knowledge can handle the set-up, maintenance and deployment. The employees can free the resources to work on strategic priorities instead of wasting time waiting for IT support to maximize business productivity.

Cost-effective Price

With its continuous innovation of technology, trusted partnership and valued experience, ezTalks is able to deliver solutions in a cost-effective way with conferencing price 10-30% less than those in the market for the same quality. For ezTalks Meet Series, users only need to pay in one time and can use the devices (including all the required software) for lifetime without any extra cost. With its affordable price, this could be the most cost-effective way for enterprises especially for start-ups.

Being the first to announce this great compatibility with various video conferencing apps, ezTalks is absolutely the industry pioneer to respond to the consumers’ demands.

"It is an exciting update and a new milestone for ezTalks. We are always sensitive to the market and give response to our customers.” spoke Jack Zhang, the global director of ezTalks “once we found one video conferencing platform is not enough for conference rooms, we aims to facilitate business communications between different companies by increasing the compatibility of conference room equipment. We hope our customers will be happy and productive in every meeting space”.

Meet Series is only one product line of ezTalks and there are more to explore. ezTalks is on a mission to offer easy, reliable and affordable video communication platform for the modern workplace. To help accomplish this mission, the company has developed the industry's full portfolio of video communication solutions, ezTalks Meetings, ezTalks Rooms (Meet Series) and ezTalks Webinar that includes hardware, software, enablement, support and services for all video communication scenarios. More details can be captured here. Or contact ezTalks support team via support@eztalks.com for additional questions.

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