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ezTalks Unveils a Breakthrough All-in-One Video Conferencing Device for Focus Rooms

21 | Mar 12, 2019

Meet Mini has been unveiled by ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the leading web & video conferencing service provider.

ezTalks Meet Mini is designed for a simple and affordable way of delivering the best unified communication and unparalleled meeting experience for its users. This portable all-in-one video conferencing device is specifically built for focus rooms with 1 to 3 people.

Meet Mini is integrated with everything you need for effective video collaboration and it completely eliminates the need for cables and additional accessories. It is easy to set up and use for anyone and anywhere.

Easy to Use with Unique All-in-one Design

ezTalks Meet Mini comes with a touch screen, HD camera, coder, microphone, speaker, WiFi, built-in battery and ezTalks software. It is a reliable all-in-one video conferencing solution, which is easy to use and deploys in minutes without any requirement for other VC components or professional IT knowledge. It transforms any meeting space to a flexible multi-use video collaboration space.

11.6'' Full HD Touch Screen

Equipped with 11.6'' full High-definition touch screen at +150° to -5° tilt range, Meet Mini outperforms the other video conferencing devices with its 30% extended visual space, clear images and more flexible touch control. Its rotatable base at +/- 90° pan range always keeps you in a perfect visual angle. Combined with intuitive design and premium-grade metallic materials, Meet Mini will definitely light up your focus room with the elegant appearance and outstanding meeting experience.

Professional 1080P HD Wide-angle Camera

To deliver the immersive feeling like face-to-face meetings, Meet Mini adopts a high-quality 1080P HD camera with the professional image sensor. Camera’s wide-angle lens at FOV 90° and rotation at+/- 15° tilt range helps capture more of the scene and grasp every detail of meeting attendees in the room. There is no need to manually adjust the camera angle by virtue of the multi-zone autofocus technology. ezTalks Mini with a wide-angle field of view compact to fit your room space makes everyone clearly visible.

Responsive Far-end Camera Control

Far-end camera control feature gives participants of remote conferences the possibility to take control of the camera at their site. With this feature enabled, remote participants in the other room can still pan the camera’s picture left and right, as well as tilt it up and down. It is feasible to look around during video conferencing by controlling their point of view as if they were physically in the same room. It’s ideal for expanding collaboration well beyond a single meeting room.

Stunning High-fidelity Sound Quality

Meet Mini has two built-in high-fidelity speakers with 2-channel & stereo surround sound, and two built-in professional microphones at 5-meter voice pickup range. Based on the advanced technology of acoustic echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression and automatic gain control, etc., the audio will be automatically optimized. Its stunning high-fidelity sound quality facilitates all the audience to communicate seamlessly under a natural sound effect and focus on what really matters in a meeting.

Clear and Stable Call-in Experience

ezTalks Meetings enables you to join a video conference with dial-in numbers just as easily as making a phone call. As long as you can make phone calls, you can join meetings even if you are thousands of miles away. All you need to do is dial the number for your territory (Available Numbers) and enter your meeting ID. While Meet Mini enables you to accept the call automatically if you want. This gives you a fast way to enjoy clear and stable collaborative meeting experience with your partners.

High-Performance Processor

Powerful 64-bit CPU brings the high-performance processing ability, which powers Meet Mini to easily handle the 1080P hardware coding and deliver ultra-clear images. With the advanced QOS anti-lost technology, Meet Mini can always keep stable and seamless HD Audio/Video effects even under the network condition at 35% packet loss rate.

Simultaneous Display in Dual Screen

With a dual-screen support, Meet Mini can be connected to a display such as TV through the mini HDMI interface. Synchronous image display in two screens without any conversion device can be achieved conveniently. It is possible to view your ideas on a larger screen while controlling your Meet Mini screen.

Suitable for Multiple Application Scenarios

Meet Mini is a versatile solution suitable for multiple application scenarios. It fully meets various video conferencing needs for personal rooms and mini/focus/executive rooms. Regardless whether you want to offer/receive the outdoor remote support and remote education, or live stream an event at a distance, Meet Mini can serve as an ideal option for delivering successful presentations. As for the telemedicine industry, it allows medical professionals greater access to information and training. With its advanced far-end control feature, Meet Mini can be effectively utilized for real-time video monitoring and communicating with children and the elderly. Yes, a mini device like this one can provide so much value and be used in different scenarios.


ezTalks Meet Mini with built-in multifunctional ezTalks software and permanent unlimited meeting duration only costs $699 (ONE-TIME FEE).

Focus rooms are among the fastest-growing meeting spaces today and undoubtedly, ezTalks Meet Mini is the cutting-edge hardware that can best cater to this trend and meet your needs. “We aim to bring excellent audio and video experience with one single high-end device to both groups and individuals working remotely”, said Jack Cheung, ezTalks global marketing director, “Meet Mini precisely offers the opportunities for our users to set up an easy, reliable and low-maintenance meeting room with fruitful collaboration performance especially for start-ups with a limited budget.” 

ezTalks provides a series of solutions for any size of your conference rooms, covering the vast majority of the scenarios that you need. You can click here to get more details.

If you have any questions, please contact ezTalks support team via support@eztalks.com for any additional questions.

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ezTalks simplifies enterprise video conferencing & business collaboration, with easy, reliable and affordable video communication platforms including online meeting, video webinar, audio conferencing and smart video conferencing room solution. It enables users to have video and audio conferencing and webinars with features of group video chat, conferencing call, instant messaging, screen sharing, interactive whiteboard, recording, etc. Billions of online meetings and webinars have been conducted via ezTalks in over 150 countries.

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