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Meeting Rooms Are Made Simple with ezTalks Room Plan

16 | May 15, 2018

An exciting news from ezTalks Technology Co., Ltd., the leading web and video conferencing service provider has been announced today. The ezTalks Room Plans are released in order to provide users with a limited budget the opportunity to equip the small & medium meeting rooms in a most cost-effective and efficient way.

eztalks meeting rooms plan

The ezTalks Room Plan consists of only an all-in-one device (Standard Plan) and it is enough to transform your meeting room into a place that delivers enjoyable meeting experience to all attendees. The all-in-one device, named ezTalks Onion, has built-in HD camera, mics, speakers and cloud video conferencing software, which makes it capable of empowering a meeting room with only one device. The wide-angle camera is low-light Sony camera with auto-adjusting exposure for intelligent image capture. The echo cancellation and noise reduction technology is adopted in microphone to deliver Hi-Fi voice quality. Meeting control in this ezTalks Room is through your mobile device wirelessly. Alternatively, the T-Voice 100 in the Professional Plan can also be the controller as well. Set-up process of this device is simple and can be finished within 5 minutes without any technician or any special installation instructions required. By subscribing the Room Plan, users can enjoy the full-featured functions like video calls, audio calls, screen sharing, whiteboard, IM, telephone join-in etc.

If the meeting room can contain no more than 6 people, then choose the Standard Plan. If the room needs 6 to 12 person, the professional plan is recommended. Except for all the features, the professional plan gives a better performance of audio due to the use of ezTalks T-Voice 100. T-Voice 100 is the smart conference speakerphone that can deliver the outstanding voice quality as a speakerphone as well as control the meeting wirelessly as the controller. With up to 5 meters pick up range from 360 degrees, it delivers crystal-clear audio in the meeting room of up to 80 square meters without ceiling or satellite mics required. Connected to the wifi, it can control the meeting via the embedded ezTalks software for easy meeting management.

meeting rooms price

It only cost 699USD for the standard plan with easy set-up process, unlimited meeting duration, HD video and audio calls, wireless control and more to transform your meeting room into a place with smooth brainstorming flows for sparkling minds. The price of the professional plan is 1299USD with a T-Voice 100 to add more outstanding audio experience.

More details are available here 699USD Standard Plan.

Besides ezTalks Room Plan, the company also provides ezTalks Meetings Plan, the free, easy and reliable cloud-based platform which allows teams to collaborate anytime from anywhere on any device. Users are allowed to host/join a free online meeting for up to 100 interactive participants without any cost with rich meeting features mentioned above. Anyone can give it a trial via here https://uc.eztalks.com/signup.

“It is exciting to release the ezTalks Room Plan for our users. This offers opportunities for them to set-up an easy, simple and low-maintenance meeting room especially for start-ups with a limited budget.” said ezTalks' global marketing director Jack Cheung “This is another major step we make after the telephone join-in feature, which already received thumb-ups from our users. In the future, we will develop more functions which contribute to the aim of providing users easy, safe and reliable video & web video conferencing service and transform the ways people work, communicate and collaborate to optimize business productivity”.


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