Top 4 Blackboard Collaborate Alternatives

With the advancement in technology, there has been a significant change in how learning takes place. More learning institutions, organizations, and businesses are taking up the new available ways through which learning and training is achieved. One such change that has been brought about is Blackboard Collaborate. In a learning institution, for instance, this allows students and teachers to communicate online, thus sharing presentations and ideas in virtual classrooms.

However, because of some of the shortcomings of using Blackboard Collaborate, some schools and education institutions would like to get an alternative to Blackboard Collaborate to facilitate e-learning. This is in hope of getting other options which might have more to offer or better services. The good news is that there are so many options that are available. Some of the top alternatives to Blackboard Collaborate are as follows.

1. ezTalks Meetings

This is one of the best Blackboard Collaborate alternatives that are available. To begin with, ezTalks Meetings is very easy to use. With the availability of the online whiteboard tool and screen sharing, the students and teachers can make presentations and discussions with each other thus facilitating better learning. The students can organize live sessions for up to five hundred people. They can join the session regardless of their locations from their computers or devices. It also allows the teachers to be able to share files with each other privately.

In addition, it allows the teachers to be able to record the session, which can be used by those students who are absent or in the future for reference. Online communication between students and teachers are possible due to the available instant messaging option. What makes this the best option is that you get to enjoy all those features easily and smoothly.

blackboard collaborate alternative

2. WizIQ Virtual Classroom

This is another alternative to Blackboard Collaborate. It features both a free package and a subscription option for those who seek advanced features. It allows a teacher to use the whiteboard tool, therefore, making it easy to share files such as Word documents, PDF among others.

This easy-to-use option can be accessed through the web browser or through an application that is supported by both Android and iOS devices. Another feature that makes WizIQ great is by the fact that it is multilingual. Therefore, it reduces incidences of one not being able to learn as a result of language barriers. It can support up to 20 languages, thus it can be used by many people across the world. You can check if WizIQ has the features you are looking for as it has a free trial period.

blackboard collaborate alternatives

3. Moodle

This software is web based. Therefore, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Thus, learning continues regardless of the location that participant might be at. It was designed specifically to facilitate communication between teachers and those who are learning. It features a lot of online collaboration tools that make learning possible. It is similar to WizIQ as it is multilingual.

This software is free, therefore, you do not have to incur any costs for you to enjoy its features. It is a great option that is currently being used by many universities and other learning institutions in the world.

alternatives to blackboard collaborate

4. Adobe Connect

This online learning solution has a lot of features that are aimed at improving both the teaching and learning experiences. First of all, it allows to record both the audio and video session that are available to use that in future. It can be used on a PC or can be integrated on a mobile device to ensure access of information from anywhere the teachers and the students are.

Like many Blackboard Collaborate alternatives, it features the interactive whiteboard tool which is necessary for learning and teaching. It also allows for file sharing between within those who are involved in that group. Adobe Connect does not have a free package. It offers different subscriptions, which come with varying features. However, given that it comes with great features, it is a worthy investment.

alternative to blackboard collaborate

In conclusion, virtual classrooms have drastically revolutionized the learning process in many schools and institutions. Better time management, acquiring digital skills and the convenience that comes with are some of the benefits that come with using virtual classrooms. If you are not satisfied with Blackboard Collaborate, you can take advantage of these alternatives to Blackboard Collaborat that are available. They guarantee you of a better learning experience.


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