5 Best Online Classroom Software

Assuming you are enrolled in an overseas school, and you do not have enough money to travel and study there, what would you do? Perhaps you are a busy learner, and you do not have plenty of time moving from one town to another in the name of attending classes! Gone are the days when you had to travel for long distance to attend classes and get knowledge. The conventional method of teaching in a classroom is quickly replaced by online or virtual classroom since the former can no longer meet all the requirements of learners. Indeed, nowadays, many students need a convenient and more flexible ways to learn that does not have the limitation of location and time.

Online classroom, also called e-Learning, is inherently a great solution for busy learners as well as a fabulous business idea for those who are teaching other people. It is undeniable that the potential is great. However, just like any other online venture, those providing online courses should create something worth value of money from the learners. To achieve this objective, one thing to consider is having one of the best online classroom software. The good news is that there're plenty of incredible options available, and here below are the top 5 online class software worth investing in.

1. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is one of the best online classroom software which is ideal for teachers and learners alike. It allows individual learners and teachers to teach live over the web delivering unlimited online lessons and live classes through video conferencing. The above software offers an affordable and easy-to-use virtual classroom features that enable universities and other learning institutions to arrange simultaneous online courses and live classes with multiple professors and teachers.

Some of the incredible features of ezTalks Meetings include the fact that it offers a free version of a video conference with a capacity of up to one hundred learners at a go. It also provides ultra HD face-to-face online collaboration with crystal clear audio. Other features include real-time group and private chat options, recording and playback options, seamless virtual learning from mobiles and desktops, screen sharing, and collaborative whiteboard sharing.

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2. Blackboard

If you're looking for cost effective online virtual classroom software that can support the educational requirements for your learners, faculty, and even the entire institution, both now and soon, then there is no doubt that Blackboard delivers exactly your needs. Blackboard online classroom software gives students a simple, reliable, convenient, and synchronous learning solution that is inherently designed for online education and training.

One of the notable highlights of this software is that learners can engage with each other (and the material) via conference and online collaboration tools. It is indeed easier to do so since there is no Java as everything happens in the browser. In other words, the deployment is incredibly simple, and everyone user has convenient access to software tools with nothing apparent to install.

Another compelling feature of this software is the high-quality video, audio, and application sharing options. With the broadened device support (such as Chromebooks), participation is possible anywhere, anytime. In a nutshell, the excellent features of this software offer a perfect web learning environment and you cannot be wrong when you say that it was created with virtual education in mind.

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3. WizIQ

WizIQ is one of popular and best online classroom software worth a try. Currently, more than three million users worldwide are already using it. WizIQ is more suitable for teachers, tutors, and universities offering online courses, but businesses and individuals can as well use it to share their expertise online. WizIQ has replaced the conventional classroom by providing outstanding features that make learning faster, simpler, and more interactive.

The software allows teachers to train and teach learners online in real-time from the internet browser. No Plugin, no Java, and no Flash are required to create a virtual classroom while using this software. Other incredible feature includes no download required. The software smoothly integrates with your existing CMS, LMS, or website. This tool allows students to attend live classes on-the-go on their tablets or smartphones using WizIQ iOS and Android apps. Other incredible features include easy administration, record live lessons, and engage learners with real-time textual and audio-video communication, polls, quizzes, and interactive whiteboard.

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4. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular online classroom software for free of a kind. It is a massive online teaching tool with over two million students globally and 15,000 courses. Anyone can subscribe for Udemy and begin to create courses in a matter of minutes. It allows trainers design and publish robust online classes, including PowerPoint files, video lectures, documents, screencast videos, text, mashup videos, and audio files. The software is completely free for use for course creators to create their courses. One of the most compelling features of the above software is the live virtual classroom, where trainers can host a live video conference session with learners using Udemy’s proprietary live video technology. Besides that, this software has a live interactive whiteboard, instructor dashboard, chatroom, presentation viewer, and file-sharing component. As a matter of fact, over ten videos stream on Udemy Live where over one thousand learners can watch a session. Lastly, the software supports different languages, which means students are presented with multi-language-option courses for easy learning.

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5. Articulate Storyline

Articulate Storyline is one of the best online classroom software that brings online training to life. It helps trainers create online eLearning courses quickly and easily. It gives students the power to interact with teachers as if they were in the same environment/room. The software comes with outstanding features that allow trainers to build highly interactive mobile and online courses.

Some of the tool’s features include multimedia support, storyboarding, character template, animation, and advanced editing functions. Other features making Storyline a robust online classroom software include gamification, testing/assessment options, blended learning, asynchronous learning, mobile learning, and simulation features. Users can learn more about the software by getting a 30-day free trial version.

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The list of the best online classroom software is just endless. However, those mentioned and explained above are just but a few and worth a trial. While most educators often spend plenty of money trying to find the best online course software, it is essential to note that there are some that are free to use. As a rule of thumb, it is highly advisable that you explore all these platforms and check out their features before subscribing to use them.


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