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Top 5 Tricks to Reduce Recruitment Cost

It’s widely accepted that recruiting new employees is both a significant cost and investment to businesses. On one hand, finding a suitable employee takes time and money, on the other hand it adds incredible value to companies. To maximize the benefits of recruitment, here I’m to share 5 tricks for your reference.

Trick 1: Conduct Online Recruitment

Over recent years, internet has revolutionized the way people live and there is no exception to hiring process. Nowadays a job vacancy can be added to a job site for accessing by almost everyone and job seekers are also able to send applications within minutes, which is for more cost-effective and time-efficient as it saves the costs of traditional print advertising and attracts targeted response. Most importantly, it enables applicants to take online interview of international companies.

interview online

Trick 2: Utilize importance of Social Media

Another creative and innovative technique is to take advantage of online social networking programs. With social media companies can share their information with a wide audience; which has a long term benefit because these relationships will attract people to do business with them in the long run. This even applies to customer service.

Trick 3: Internal Recommendation

Each time before posting want ads online, always check if your current employees have any good recommendations that suit the position. Generally, it brings warm introductions and qualified candidates. Moreover, it empowers employees a chance to pick their coworkers and gives them a sense of ownership.

Trick 4: Optimize Company Career Portal

Smart companies know increasing brand awareness would attract potential candidates to their website. Hence, optimizing the landing page of your company’s career site and driving traffic to it is also a good way. Make sure your company career portal is easy to find and user friendly.

Trick 5: Proceed Interview Online

Considering the obstacles of geographical barriers and time availability, many companies begin to embrace video conferencing tools for remote recruitment online. Then it makes sense why ezTalks is taking the hiring world by storm. It enables both employers and employees to freely join scheduled online interview from any PC, iOS and Android devices at anytime, which guarantees to save considerable time, money and effort.

With above mentioned 5 tricks, I bet recruitment, a complicated and time-consuming necessity in such a competitive world, can be simply and effectively managed. In addition, if recruiters can bear the motto of the lesser, the simpler and the better in mind when processing hiring process, that’d be great!clipart picture source:netclipart|seekclipart|pinclipart|clipartwiki|jing.fm|clipartmax

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