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Compare 5 Best Video Presentation Software

Sometimes it becomes inevitable to connect with your associates working on the same project from various parts of the world for discussing various points for the betterment and progress of the project like training of the staff etc. Such collaboration cannot be possible smoothly due to geographical restrictions unless you are using a software that allows you to share your presentations in real-time while using any of your computing devices including Windows, Mac or mobile devices like laptops, tablets or iOS or Android Smartphone. These presentations can be in the form of audios, videos and images etc. It can be easier for your associates to follow your views if your software allows you to share your video presentations. In order to share a video presentation successfully you must be using the best software. Brief reviews of some of the best video presentation software options are provided in this write-up to help you in this regard.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

This video presentation software is reliable for sharing video presentations on most of the operating systems due to its free screen sharing. It allows you to interact with your colleagues across the country or globe in a very collaborative environment. Its free version allows you to communicate with up to 100 co-workers up to 40 minutes. This feature makes it ideal for small businesses and start-ups. If you own a big business and want to organize online meetings with up to 500 participants then you will have to buy its paid version. Being a full featured video presentation sharing software ezTalks Cloud Meeting also enables you to share desktop and applications, interactive whiteboard to sketch and share your thoughts, communicate with HD audios and videos along with handing over the role of presenter to any of the participants.

2. TrueConf

This easy-to-use video conferencing software can be used on any of the operating systems for sharing your audio and video presentations. Instant messaging, sharing content, slideshow sharing, remote control of desktop and sharing videos with ultra HD resolution are some of the features of this video presentation software. It also allows you to host an instant online meeting with the group of up to 250 participants regardless of their location in this world. Along with hosting online meetings instantly it also allows you to schedule online meetings by feeding the list of participants and feeding the date and time of the meeting. You can also use its recording feature to record the proceedings of the meeting so that you may not forget anything while analyzing it.

3. BlueJeans

It is another powerful video conferencing and collaboration software used by various enterprises for sharing their audio and video presentations with their associates situated at different locations in this world. The company offers a free trial for 14 days which can be continued as long as you want to use by purchasing its paid version.BlueJeans is one of the best video presentation makers that allow you to collaborate and communicate face-to-face with your co-workers located at different locations within the country or out of it. It not only allows you to share the screen of your computer but also share video presentations, documents and images as well as host and record online meetings with your associates. The recorded proceedings of the meetings can be reviewed anywhere and anytime.

4. Zoom

This video presentation software allows you to send and receive group or private messages instantly, share computer screen, HD audios and HD videos along with scheduling, hosting and recording online meetings with your associates. Its free version allows you to use all of its features for 40 minutes with up to 50 participants at a time. But to use it with up to 500 participants simultaneously you will have to buy its paid version. In this way this video presentation tool can satisfy various types of your needs regarding online meetings.

5. Skype for Business

Being developed by Microsoft this video conferencing software can be used for several operating systems including Windows and Mac etc. for online collaboration and conferencing with the associates in the same projects. It allows you to share your files, document and videos with up to 10 participants under its free plan. But if you want to host online meetings and share presentations with up to 250 participants then you will have to buy its paid version. It is the best video presentation software because it also allows you to create and send the messages instantly along with transferring the files and documents. Skype for Business also allows you to share video and audio presentations along with organizing online meetings and recording them for future reference.

Thus after comparing the features of different video conferencing software options you can easily find the best video presentation software for your business operations conducted from different locations in this world to share your presentations in audio and videos in real-time with your colleagues and associates working on the same project.




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