ezTalks Rooms Simple Pricing

Optimized for Small Team Collaboration


All-in-one device ezTalks Onion with simple, cloud video conferencing software for huddle rooms


/mo/roompaid annually


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Recommended rooms of up to 6 people
  • ezTalks Onion supported
  • Meetings STARTER permanently supported
  • Unlimited number of meetings and hosts
  • Unlimited remote screen sharing and whiteboarding
  • Unlimited wireless TV projection
  • Access to WiFi connectivity
  • High-quality video, powered by Sony
  • Easy-to-use technology and mobility
  • Wireless control via apps
  • Cross-platform: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and browser
  • Simple meeting URLs
  • AES 256 bits encryption
  • 24 hours email, livechat & phone support


Hardware and software device plus premium speakerphone to upgrade your rooms


/mo/roompaid annually


60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • All Standard Features +
  • Recommended rooms of up to 12 people
  • Premium speakerphone T-Voice 100 to enhance your meeting experience
  • Crystal clear audio from T-Voice 100
  • Dedicated software in T-Voice 100 to control your meeting

  • Admin feature control

Why ezTalks Rooms is perfect for small team?

Set up your rooms within 5 minutes. ezTalks Rooms is suitable for teams of 1 to 12, ensuring everyone can hear and be heard, see and be seen. Experience 1080p video, 120-degree field of vision and 360-degree sound and wireless TV projection in any workspace virtually.

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– Makhi Bruce, IT Director

“ezTalks Rooms is easy to use and install. The set up experience is so great. Just put the device on the top of the TV, connect the power supply, turn on the device and then everything is ready for a virtual meeting.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get when I buy ezTalks Rooms?

ezTalks Rooms has two plans, STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL. If you pay for the first plan, you will get ezTalks Onion and the integrated software that powers the hardware. If you choose the latter, you can enjoy all services in the STANDARD plan, plus a premium speakerphone called T-Voice 100, with built-in software as well.

How many people can I invite when I use ezTalks Rooms?

ezTalks Rooms is suitable for a small team of 1 to 12 in one room. The STANDARD plan is designed for a team of 1 to 6, making sure everyone of your team can be seen and no miss one word. If you want to invite more people in your room, come to the PROFESSIONAL plan, which can support as many as 6~12 attendees.

Can I use ezTalks Rooms if I don't have ezTalks Meetings paid plan?

Of course, you can. Every registered ezTalks Meetings user has a right to use the STARTER plan (up to 100 participants, 40 mins on each meeting), permanently. If you want to enjoy more service, updated your Meetings plan.

Can I know more about ezTalks Onion, such as the specifications?

Integrated with powerful software, ezTalks Onion is an all-in-one video conferencing equipment with high definition camera and high quality microphone speaker inside, which is suitable for huddle meeting rooms. For more information, please check here.