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Big Update of ezTalks for iOS Version 2.7.0

ezTalks has published a new version for the iPhone/iPad app, which is version 2.7.0. With the new update, the ezTalks app for iOS becomes more user-friendly and flexible to use.

Highlights of the new version for iOS:

1. You can pin a video. It allows you to fix a specific participant's video no matter he/she is the active speaker or not. It is quite useful if users need to record the meeting with somebody fixed in the larger video.

2. You can hide a video. If there are many participants having their videos on and you do not want to see all, you can hide some videos.

3. You can reorder the videos. When you watch the videos in gallery view, you can drag a specific participant's video and reorder the videos as you like.

4. You can see the chat bubbles on the video screen. If the participants send you text messages, you can easily notice them without clicking on the Chat icon.

5. You can use the iOS app to turn on/off the Active Speaker mode of the ezTalks Onion.

Download the app and enjoy the new features now!


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