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A Huge Update of ezTalks for Mac Version 3.3.3

ezTalks has released a new version for Mac, which brings you tons of new features and bug fixes. With this new version, the ezTalks app for Mac has been at the same pace with the Windows app in respect of the features of video conferencing.

Highlights of the changes in this version:

1. The Meetings interface brings a clear section to show the upcoming meetings and history meetings.

From the upcoming list, you can see all the details of your scheduled meeting, including the invited attendees. Moreover, if you are invited by some other people, you can also find that meeting on the upcoming list.

From the history list, whether you have hosted the meeting or joined the meeting, you can check how many participants have successfully joined and their email addresses, as well as the chat messages. 

2. On the main interface, a new search bar is added which allows you to search your meetings and contacts in a fast way.

3. The recording feature allows you to record video and audio in MP4 format, and audio only in MP3 format.


4. The new version allows you to connect a second monitor to your Mac and show the video screen on the extended display.

5. Also, sharing an extended display is available on the new version.

Download the app for Mac and enjoy the new version now!

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