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Firmware Update of ezTalks Onion Version

ezTalks has released a new firmware version for the Onion with tons of new features and reliability improvements. The new version brings about a much better customer experience with the latest features.

Highlights of the enhancements in this version:

1. Add the feature of receiving the sharing audio from the Windows app. If the presenter shares a media file, such as video, movie or music, you can listen and watch the video from the Onion.

2. Add the feature of Active Speaker mode on the Onion. When there are three or more participants in the meeting, ezTalks dynamically detects who is speaking and automatically shifts the video feed to the active speaker, which means the larger video window keeps switching to the active speaker.

3. Add the feature of muting all participants when they join the meeting. And you can enable the feature of requesting to speak, which means the participants need your permission to unmute themselves.

4. Add the feature of syncing the daylight saving time with the ezTalks app on the Onion.

5. Add the feature of joining a meeting by Onion for video and telephone dial-in for audio. If you prefer to use the telephone call-in, you can dial in with a number and input the meeting ID & participant ID so that you can talk over the phone and watch the video with the Onion.

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