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Remote medicine refers to offer the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by video conferencing, which is becoming a standard medical practice and used in millions of cities. Remote medicine is helpful to enhance the medical service satisfaction and eliminate distance barriers to provide a better health-care service to all regardless of their location. By introducing remote medicine, patients in remote area can access medical expert quickly and easily without any travel. For practitioners, they could obtain educational opportunity they would not usually have without travel away from their patients. Also, they could access to the limited expert resources who can "see" patients in different areas. 

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Telehealth vs. Telemedicine vs. Telecare

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Nowadays, there are several new medical terms that an average patient may not understand. For example, there is common misunderstanding of the terms telecare, telemedicine and telehealth. Most people use them interchangeably. However, each of these words refers to a different method of providing health care through video conferencing technology. To clear up the confusion, let's take a look at telehealth, telemedicine and telecare in the following 3 parts.

By: Chris Lee Jan 18, 2017

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