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What is Telemedicine

Telemedicine means providing clinical health care over a long distance by medical video conferencing rather than the traditional phone or radio. It has endless advantages and the most obvious of all is escaping the risk of catching infections. Many a time, some diseases spread like an epidemic and the doctors are at a risk of catching the same disease. But thankfully, telemedicine is to solve such tough problem.

what is telemedicine

Then we need to find efficient video conferencing software that makes telemedicine a reality first. ezTalks is just a well-received one that has dawned upon us a new age when the future has entered the present by enabling doctors and patients to freely and seamlessly talk to each other in HD.

Of course, medical video conferencing is not limited to doctors only, but a huge part of aging and chronically ill. It enables the patient to be in constant touch with the doctor since doctors can always track patient’s progress via medical video conferencing systems. As we all know, the shortage of nurses and lack of remote medical services is a common social issue that leads to high cost of keeping a nurse and disruption of receiving nursing services, which is a huge burden to most patients. Hence, with the advent of telemedicine era, the patients are more than happy to know that they can still be nursed via a video conferencing session everyday while staying out of the hospitals.

What’s more, telemedicine has been further linked with highly specialized branches like telepharmacy, telerehabilitation and remote surgeries. Telemedicine technology (i.e. ezTalks video conferencing software) will allow the patients to speak to their pharmacist without even driving long distances. Just give it a thought how easy it would get for your grandparents when they could get a refill authorization for their prescription drugs over a small video chat session.

In short, telemedicine aims at helping people who live in remote areas or have limited access to clinics and hospitals get treated by professional doctors. Gone are the days when you had to go for a blood pressure check up. Devices have been invented through which you can easily measure your blood pressure and send the results to your specialist.

Note: Aside from telemedicine, the author believes that the day isn't far when robots would be sent by health organizations to our homes to perform operations. And for now, we can rely completely on ezTalks (fully compatible with Windows/Mac/Android/iOS devices) for medical video conferencing solutions.

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