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Mute New Participants When Joining a Meeting

Product Updates | Video Conference

ezTalks has added a new feature to mute all participant when they join the meeting and all participa...

By: Eli Bruce Apr 19, 2018

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Join by Computer/Mobile Device for Video and Telephone Call-in for Audio

Product Updates | Video Conference

Bind the audio from the computer/mobile device and telephone call-in. And you can join a meeting fro...

By: Janice Apr 19, 2018

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Top 5 Alternatives to Hangout Dialer

Alternatives | Conference Call

Technologies have made life easier than ever. New apps are being introduced to improve the quality o...

By: Jack Apr 18, 2018

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Best 5 Alternatives to Lync Video Conference Software 2018

Video Conference | Alternatives

Lync Video Conference Software has been replaced by Skype for Business, which combines features of L...

By: Echo Brown Apr 15, 2018

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Comparing WebEx and GoToMeeting: Which is Better?

Video Conference

WebEx and GoToMeeting are among the most popular solutions that you are sure to meet in your search ...

By: Mike Hutt Apr 15, 2018

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Top 10 best alternatives to Lync conference call 2018

Conference Call | Alternatives

Lync Conference Call empowers you to easily initiate a conference call with several participants sim...

By: Jack Apr 13, 2018

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Top 5 Best Alternatives to Skype Conference Call

Conference Call | Alternatives

Skype is a good conference call provider. However, the disadvantages, especially the premium cost, t...

By: Eli Bruce Apr 09, 2018

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Chat Instantly with Your Contacts on ezTalks Windows APP

Product Updates | Video Conference

ezTalks has released a new version for Windows which allows you to chat instantly with any of your c...

By: Janice Apr 04, 2018

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Free Conference Call HD and Five Alternatives

Conference Call | Video Conference

What is free conference call HD? Can free conference HD make the online collaborations easy? Confere...

By: Eli Bruce Mar 27, 2018

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6 Best Alternatives to Facetime for Android

Alternatives | Video Conference

There are several Android App Developers that have made excellent video calling apps like FaceTime. ...

By: Jack Mar 26, 2018

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5 Best Alternatives to Zoom Conference Call

Conference Call | Alternatives

Zoom Conference Call is one of the companies that provide conference call services to customers. Zoo...

By: Mike Hutt Mar 23, 2018

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Big Update of ezTalks for Windows Version 3.3.5

Product Updates | Video Conference

ezTalks has released a new version for Windows, which is a tremendous update that will provide users...

By: Eli Bruce Mar 22, 2018

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