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Sync Calendar on ezTalks Andriod and iPhone apps

Product Updates | Video Conference

ezTalks has synchronized the Android and iOS apps with the default calendar on the phone to allow yo...

By: Mike Hutt Jan 25, 2018

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Schedule a recurring meeting with ezTalks Andriod app

Product Updates | Video Conference

ezTalks allows you to schedule a recurring meeting on Andriod app.

By: Echo Brown Jan 25, 2018

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Share your Extended Display on a Windows computer

Product Updates | Video Conference

Get to know ezTalks latest product update and you can easily share your extended display during you ...

By: Eli Bruce Jan 25, 2018

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Polling during a meeting on ezTalks Andriod app

Product Updates | Video Conference

ezTalks app has released the polling feature on Andriod app to allow you make a quick collection of ...

By: Janice Jan 25, 2018

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Join by Telephone Call-in

Product Updates | Teleconferencing

Get ezTalks latest product update and start your audio conference by telephone call-in.

By: Janice Jan 19, 2018

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Set Up Your Home Office Effectively Using Video Conferencing Software

Telecommuting | Video Conference

Tips to Set Up Home Office. Pick Up A Suitable Space. You should select a space that is quiet. It ca...

By: Jack Dec 22, 2017

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Best Teamviewer Blizz Alternative & Competitor

Alternatives | Video Conference

due to the low quality and awful video conferencing experience. This article aims to check why peopl...

By: Mike Hutt Dec 15, 2017

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The Best Screenhero Alternative & Competitor

Video Conference | Alternatives

Screenhero is popular once but since acquired by Slack, it pushed some of its users to move to other...

By: Mike Hutt Dec 01, 2017

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Brother OmniJoin Alternative & Competitor

Video Conference | Video Meeting

Brother OmniJoin is a cloud-based video conferencing software that allows you to host meetings with ...

By: Jack Nov 25, 2017

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Best RingCentral Alternative & Competitor You Want

Video Conference | Alternatives

Find best & free Ringcentral alternative and competitors that you want. Ringcentral function is good...

By: Echo Brown Nov 22, 2017

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Why Is Staff Training Important to an Organization?


Staff training refers to inculcating new skills in your employees. But why is staff training importa...

By: Eli Bruce Nov 18, 2017

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What Is H.323 and How It Could Benefit Users

Video Conference

What is H.323? What is the significance of the H.323 standard? To get the answers, read the article.

By: Echo Brown Nov 17, 2017

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