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5 Effective Remote Meeting Apps of 2017

Remote meeting becomes a must nowadays since many individuals employing remote meeting apps as a tool to communicate with their colleagues in different offices and also used it to discuss about projects with their customers. Video communication has secured cosmic fame over the past few years. Because of its popularity, there exist numerous remote meeting apps and that was generated to make video conferencing a possible one.

Are you looking for free remote meeting programs? Do you feel confused in choosing the right platform? Are you searching for a program with advanced features? If you are, then these remote meeting apps will help you to reach your attendees all over the world just simply by an internet connection. No installation and downloading of apps is required.

Here are the 5 remote meeting apps to make a remote meeting whenever you want to connect with your customers and your colleagues.

1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is plausibly the best remote meeting app in the market. This is definitely not an opinion rather it's a factual matter. By employing this ezTalks app you can possibly make remote meeting programs and also can connect with your colleagues in virtual locations whenever you feel like talking to each other. It furnishes one to one, one to many and also it can cover and connect large number of peoples at a single time. ezTalks renders a free plan that connects up to 100 participants concurrently during a remote meeting. It is bounteous with huge number of features such as content and file sharing, cross-platform group, private chat and so on. This is one of the remote meeting programs that support almost all companies for carrying out their business dealings.

It's usually easy to register and operate this app and composed of high resolution images and high definition videos. It’s basically an equitable priced program with added advantage of mobile-friendly.

2. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is a free remote meeting program that permits to organize meetings online with flawless and also it eradicates travel costs. It's usually used by the organization comprising of large number of teams having its destination in various places, and hence this app helps to combine all the remote teams in real time. Added advantage with this program is audio conferencing and that lets you to conduct meetings with the customers directly and also permits you to share your desktop with the customers. This program also lets you to shift the authority to clients during the time of project presentations. This magnificent free software tool is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS and some of the web browsers include Firefox, Google chrome and so on.

3. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is basically a web regulated service that are organized and promoted by the online resources. It's a combination of online remote meeting, desktop sharing and video conferencing supporting software that assists you to connect with the customers by using the internet in real time. It used to video-cast the desktop to clients connected by online. This broadcasting of information is highly secured with efficient security encryption and designated passwords. Based on the combination of web hosted service with this software, forwarding of information can be transmitted through limited firewalls.

4. Join.me

Join.me software app helps to connect with the customers and clients when you are in a need of instant connectivity. Thus, if you are in a blast to connect with the clients and customers and also if you don't want the lengthy sign up process then one ultimate solution you can go for is Join.me software app. It's basically a light weight service that offers you audio, and helps you to share video with lots of people quickly. This remote meeting program assists you to connect with people and clients just by sending email with add people option and thus ensure connectivity at your doorstep. Once you are connected with the people, you can make remote meeting whenever you are in need and based on your preferences.

5. Skype

Skype is one the ancient names you would have come crossed. It has been known for a long time and also it has got its fame by itself with a reputation for almost many years. The magnificent features of this remote meeting app includes: One to one video calls with high definition quality. It's well-known software that supports instant messaging. It also helps you in video and file sharing. If your client or customer is in offline, then this software tool is capable of redirecting your calls as messages to all your participants. The added advantage of this software tool if free group calls and group chats.


Whenever you are in a need of choosing the best application among various kinds of application program, do comparison with the remote meeting apps. This review about Remote meeting apps will help and assist you to choose best Software program that suits your need. By availing the above amazing Remote meeting apps you can deliver your business projects and dealings with clients and customers in an efficient way without even moving to virtual locations. You can just do it by staying in your home or office. This exploring these software apps may help you to choose the best one that suits your preferences.

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