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5 Useful Tools for Remote Team Collaboration

In today's world, teams within a company are not necessarily bound to a single business location. Rather, they are widely dispersed across the world. This move has affected various activities of businesses both positively and negatively. For example, teams have the privilege of making their own decisions and share responsibilities in different locations.

However, as this happens, all employees in all remote teams should work for the same goal, of a company and keep updated for the common good of the organization. This calls for an interaction between technology and the culture such as web conferencing, electronic mail and instant communication. In other words, remote team collaboration should be enhanced.

Working with remote teams can be very effective if implemented with the correct tools and technology. Strong team connection can be achieved by communication tools as well as project management tools. These tools are the key to productivity, noble customer service, innovation and culpability.

Below, let's look at 5 useful remote team collaboration tools.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox provides an online file accommodating system whereby all the employees can easily and tenuously access. Here, multiple folders consisting of large files are stored in the cloud for access by any of the employee from any location.

Dropbox helps the team members to work on the most current project files where different employees need to work on them at different times. Dropbox also serves as an easy method to send file to other people. It allows you to share Dropbox link which can then be sent to other people you want.

In fact, it serves as a very useful tool providing access to and storage of finalized files when needed.

2. Slack

Slack is a messaging app that helps in enhancing communication between the team members. It helps in bringing the team closer to each other.

Despite the fact that project management platforms have got communication features integrated within, this app accomplishes all kinds of communication requirements between the members. For instance, it manages the company's conversation both channel discussions and direct messages.

To enhance this, each team member is encouraging to download one in their devices. Maybe a mobile app or desktop app. Team members are able to conduct both public and private chats in real time.

3. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is a video collaboration tool basically used for communication. The software enhances telecommunication connections between team members. It can also be used for communication with customers. It basically entails the use of video conferencing software to enable hosting of communications.

This kind of video conferencing has proven to be cost effective means of remote communication. The management can easily hosts a meeting like a board meeting at any scheduled time. In fact, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is basically used for holding remote meetings, seminars and conferences.

ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows participants to share ideas through an communicating whiteboard tool which is built.

The software tool can be easily controlled by the chair of the meeting whereby they are able to monitor speaker roles to each member. Any video conference call can be recorded with ease for future references to the organization.


JIRA is a project management tool that is mainly used to track projects and their related tasks. This helps the company as a whole to be at best with information about all kind of work in progress.

As team members work on the projects, they can easily leave a comment to the management which is sent through JIRA email. It allows every team member to easily see all the tasks allocated to them.

The management is able to follow the progress of the team members and leave feedback. Prioritization of the project is also easily done by the management.

5. Small Improvements

This is online Human Resource and performance management software. It allows the business organizations and its remote workers to set up individual objectives. This way, they are able to receive performance reviews and feedback from the management.

Each remote worker sets their own objectives in small improvement accounts provided and keep on updating them. Afterwards, managers review performance of the employees after completion of self-assessment. They give their feedback to the employees to help improve in the stated areas.

Self-assessment and routine appraisals can be set for monthly, quarterly or yearly. It all depends with the policies of the company and the intended objectives.

Whether employees are located in the same office or same geographical location, they need to work together and communicate effectively in order to collaborate efficiently. This will be achieved through incorporation of proper remote collaboration tools.

Businesses do not necessarily operate in the same office or same geographical location. Expansion and improvements in business activities brings about such changes. However dispersed the business is; there is always a central location where management is located.

Each business aims to optimally manage all its remote teams. The remote team collaboration, remote teams is essential for a business to strive and keep on track of each employee and also keep updated with the current technology.


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