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6 Free Remote Meeting Tools Comparison

Remote meeting tools are used to connect people and allow them to share and collaborate documents, and share webcams and screens with them. Most companies that have employees all over the world or have some employees who work from home, feed these meeting tools to be extremely helpful. Below are some of the best free remote meeting tools in the market today.

1. Fuze

Fuze takes the number one spot as it is best suited for small organizations that do not have large amounts of money to put into remote meeting tools but still want the convenience of holding meetings online. Fuze is the only company that can hold up to twenty five participant without charging an extra dime. It surely gives the user value for their money. Twelve HD video feeds can be held simultaneously in their meeting spaces. Fuze provides its users with free cloud storage of up to 1GB so that they are able to keep their documents. The only thing that misses on their free plan is the ability to record your meetings. To be able to do so, you are required to pay some few extra dollars.

2. ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings is a free remote meeting tool that allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings through a live broadcasting via a browser. Unlike WebEx which allows you to have meetings for as long as you want, ezTalks only gives you forty minutes for every group meeting. ezTalks Meetings beats the other remote meeting tools mentioned above as it allows participants to record and play back group and private chats. It is similar to Web Ex in the sense that it also has an annotation tool that allows it to mark and share documents. ezTalks Meetings also allows the user to control the meeting and has forty eight hours email support.

3. WebEx 

WebEx did not get the top spot as their free account service is only able to support meetings of up to three people. Irrespective of this, it allows you access to all of its collaborative tools. This tool still gives you value as it enables you to speak through your webcam and VoIP to your participants. It enables you to talk to your participants either in a group or privately. Through the WebEx annotation tool, you are able to share and mark documents. WebEx has no restriction on how often or the length of time that you can host online meeting.

4. GoToMeeting

This remote meeting tool is similar to WebEx in that it only supports three participants while giving the full features of the tools. As opposed to Fuze and WebEx, for GoToMeeting you do not have to download it. The only thing you are required to do is get a link through a private meeting room. You can then use this link to connect with participants. GoToMeeting allows you to share documents and presentations. Through the use of google chrome, you can share screens with other participants. As compared to WebEx, it does not have as many tools for interacting with participants.

5. Google Hangouts

With the introduction of document collaboration and screen sharing, Google Hangouts has been propelled to the fore front as a provider of remote meeting tools. It provides free voice calls and high definition videos. In addition to this, it allows you to hold meetings with participants, share and collaborate on documents through google Docs. To access this free service, the only thing required is webcam, a google account and a microphone.

6. MeetingBurner

MeetingBurner is a remote meeting tool that allows you to meet with up to ten participants. As compared to Fuze, WebEx and GoToMeeting, Meeting Burner does not have most of the collaborative tools. For example it does not allow you to upload files or make notes on a whiteboard. Meeting Burner allows you to discuss and share documents as participants can still share screens. MeetingBurner is a free and simple meeting tool for any organization.

All the above plans are limited by the number of users that you are allowed to have in a single meeting and sometimes by the tools that are available to free users. Though this may present a problem for larger organizations, it works quite well for smaller groups or on a meeting that is face to face with the customer. Before you choose a remote meeting tool, it is critical that you concentrate on the most important things that matters most to your business and what you want to get out of your web conferencing service. You can then start researching on the best tools that meets your requirements. This is bound to make the process of selecting a remote meeting tool much simpler. With this information, you will be able to decide if a free plan is something that will work for you or your business or if it would be wiser to upgrade to a remote meeting tool that is charged.

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