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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Working from home has become very common nowadays. Many a time companies are not able to find the exact type of employees they need from their own city/country and in this situation hiring someone to work from another country/city becomes necessary. In other cases, there are companies that work without a brick-and-mortar office and hire only employees who work from home. No matter what the situation is, remote working is gaining more and more prominence. But do you there are both advantages and disadvantages of working from home? Well, we shall discover a few of them right away.

Advantages of Working from Home:

1. No time and money wasted on traveling

If you need to go to your brick-and-mortar office every day, and will either use your own car or public transport, you will be spending a good amount of money. Furthermore, time is also wasted when you have to go all the way to your workplace, and this is even more bothersome if your office is located far away. However, when you work from home you will save both time and money on traveling as you just need to reach the work space which you have created in your own home itself.

2. Flexible schedules

If you have other work to take care of like attending your child or continuing with your distance education, then working from home allows you to manage everything successfully. You need not leave one work for another. As there is no fixed schedule that you need to follow, it allows you to enjoy immense flexibility, and thus also peace of mind knowing that you have time to do everything.

3. No money wasted on laundry

Though many may overlook this advantage, it nonetheless is important. If you go to an office every day you need to dress professionally. So, you need to invest in professional attires that can cost you quite a bit. But it does not end here, you will also have to visit the laundry shop and alsoyou're your dresses ironed, both of which needs you to spend a good amount, and then you have to worry about the costs of traveling to and from the laundry. However, when you work from home you can wear whatever you want to, even just a track pant and tee would do.

4. Time for family

Those working in regular offices find it difficult to steal out time for their families. Weekends are there for sure, but those days you yourself want to relax and do not feel like doing anything else. However, as you are working from home itself, you have your family around you, and during the breaks, you take you can just go and spend some quality time with them.

5. Still be in touch with employers and co-workers

The importance of staying in touch with your employers and co-workers is very important and people may be of the notion that working from home deprives the employees of the same. However, video conferencing tools like ezTalks have helped make this possible. Now employers can plan regular conferences with their remote working employees, enjoy the professional feel, and discuss important matters and projects easily.

Disadvantages of Working from Home:

1. Lack of professionalism

Working from home is not ideal for everyone, particularly those who are not serious enough. Such people when working from home, feel at home, feel lazy, and thus are not able to perform as well as they would in professional office settings.

2. Lack of discipline leads to procrastination

If you are not disciplined enough then you may only delay doing things and find a reason not to complete your work. This only piles up your work and at the end you invite stress, do not know what to do, and might even end up losing your job.

3. Fewer chances of promotions

One of the reasons why people like working from office is because it gives them the chance to work hard, show their expertise, impress their boss, and thus get a chance of being promoted, However, though this is not something that the work from home employees do not enjoy at all, yet the chance of this happening is comparatively less.

4. Too many distractions

Yes, you are working from your residence and perhaps have also created your own work area, but this does not necessarily allow you the privacy and peace you need. Since you are at home, people do not give your job that much importance, may drop in anytime, may enter your space and start talking, and thus disturb you. This may have an impact on your motivation and thus affect your work.

The above are about advantages and disadvantages of working from home. Working from home indeed proves to be a blessing for many, and in fact, everybody can draw lots of benefits from it. However, this opportunity is only ideal for those who are self-disciplined, are highly motivated, serious about their work, and enjoy the needed peace and privacy during working hours. If you do enjoy all of these, then working from home will only prove to be beneficial for you.

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