Top Five Company Communication Apps

Today, smart phones and web apps have supercharged the company communications thus helping to streamline efforts to improve productivity, efficiency etc. Company communications apps have been developed to help ease internal communication. There are companies that have developed certain mobile phone applications that aids both employees and clients to gain easy access to the company. There are also several software developing companies which compile all activities of a company in a single application. These applications are characterized by numerous links that function to direct a client to the website of a particular company. 

Best 5 Company Communication Apps

Instead of depending on company intranets, companies can take full advantage of several company communication apps designed for communication within the company. There are apps that are available for sending out notifications via phone call or SMS text message, email-style message threads, instant messaging or even video conferencing. The following company communications apps are available on desktop computers and mobile devices.

1. Skype

It is an extremely common company communication app that is widely used in organizations across the globe. It is absolutely free to download from online stores. In order to operate it, users are required to create accounts. It is majorly characterized by high quality video conferencing services. Furthermore, it supports online calls all over the globe. Skype only requires a fast and stable internet connection to operate seamlessly. Skype for Business was released back in the year 2015 in a bid to promote business for companies that utilize the app. Skype for Business features online meetings, integrated office Apps among others.

2. ezTalks Meetings

This is among the leading company communication apps that fully supports video conferencing that has close to 500 attendees. It is a company communication app that allows for interactive whiteboard and screen sharing remotely on mobile phones and computers. It is a very powerful company communication app that provides with telemedicine, online training, webinar, high definition video conference and many more. Users of ezTalks Meetings can access audio and video conference on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. In fact, ezTalks Meetings is a company communication app that is considered to be among the top pioneers of the modern video technology. It provides users with first rate video that is of high quality and therefore acceptable. It is equipped with wireless screen sharing that can be experienced on all operating systems. The benefits of ezTalks Meetings include the following:

a,Fairly easy to join as well as operate.
b,It has very high video resolution of 720p-1080p.
c,It offers users easy meeting management that is inclusive of online meeting recording, online meeting hosting and online meeting scheduling.
d,It has both public and private chat whereby participants can instantly chat.
e,Screen sharing and interactive whiteboard option are all available on this company communication app.

3. Slack 

This is one of the consumer favorites in regard to company communication apps. This is because it allows users to chat and even exchange numerous documents with colleagues, partners, clients etc. One is required to create a new group chat or to join an existing one in order to communicate by using the app. In addition, users are allowed to form small groups in the context of much bigger groups in order to discuss their related issues. Slack allows users to easily hold public conversations which can be viewed by every individual that is logged in. The creation of private conversations within a similar group is also possible. Slack is a robust company communication app that contains many company blogs concerning its operations and activities.

4. StaffConnect 

This is a very professional company communication app. It was specifically developed to help workers interactions at various localities. This app allows users who work in various regions of the globe to come together so as to achieve a shared goal. Users can share updates, news, information, videos and images among many other services via its effective two-way dialogues. It allows individuals to easily promote their events offline by simply linking all the required pages. It is a work-friendly company communication app that has developed a unique worker interaction. 

5. Yammer 

It is a good company communication app. It supports functions such as context based sharing, single inbox and file sharing. It is an essential app that guarantees that workers and work from various localities are all linked together. Yammer can easily be linked to the products of Microsoft. It is a powerful app that has received many positive reviews from clients who have used it extensively. 


The above list is not exhaustive as there are many more company communication apps. Each of the apps has its benefits and limitations thus selection of the most ideal is purely a matter of personal preference and is therefore left to the discretion of the consumer. 

Communication is important for any company to reach its organizational goals effectively. Every communication app mentioned above provides with employees of a company a versatile and reliable way to effectively communicate with each other.



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