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Best 5 Company Communication Tools

Since last few years, with the introduction of computers, internet and modern communication systems, the entire environment of business world has experienced considerable changes. In order to improve productivity and stay ahead of the competitors, every company has to include these devices and applications into its setup. Today, they have to use new techniques and applications to communicate and collaborate with their colleagues and employees, so that they can work collaboratively to achieve the same goal.

At present cloud collaboration is gaining popularity to allow the management of the company to communicate with their employees and business heads of their branches located at remote places to share data as well as documents with the people working on the same project. Today various types of cloud collaboration and company communication tools are used for this purpose. Some of the best company communication tools are briefly discussed here under to allow you to choose a suitable one for your business. 


It is one of the company communication tools which offer maximum opportunities of communication to the company concerned. This communication tool can be used on wide range of platforms including web, and iOS and Android devices. Project templates, dashboard, video calls, integration of Dropbox and Github are some of the important features you can expect with the free version of this communication tool. But if you want to include tracking abilities for your project, then you can opt for its pro-version. Since 2008 many companies are using it to support their entire communication system.

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This company communication tool is provided with the features to allow the companies to use it for HD quality video conferencing to meet all of their collaboration, communication and virtual meeting needs. The companies can organize meetings and teamwork between its staff, clients and associates placed at remote locations with the help of this high performing communication tool.

HD quality audio and videos, quick access to meetings, online screen sharing, convenient whiteboard, scheduling online meetings, recording meeting proceeds, control on participants and settings and text chat are some of the important features of this company communication tool. It can be used perfectly on Mac, Windows, Android and iOS Smartphones and tablets to communicate simultaneously with up to 100 participants through its free version. If you want to communicate with up to 500 participants at a time then you will have to buy its affordable premium version.


It is another communication tool for company that is popular in business world to improve communication between their management and employees by using different types of communication devices like web, Windows phone, iOS and Android phones. Its important features include drag-and-drop files, on-desktop notifications, video conference calls, integrations with cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs, etc. You can try with its free version before buying its premium version to ensure its effectiveness in your setup. Another reason of popularity of this powerful company communication tool in the business world can be its attractive and user friendly interface that allows to send the messages and files directly to an individual or a group of people for consideration. It can also be used to organize various communication channels. 


In order to organize all of your projects, you can use this company communication tool through any web, Android or iOS platform. You can use it to create boards and lists, integrate with Google Drive, Slack, Evernote and GitHub and manage projects flexibly. Main feature of this tool is its clean and easy-to-use interface. Though its free version is also available but if you want to offer feedback to others through video calls and to assign comments on cards, then you will have to buy its paid version. 


This company communication tool especially designed for corporate world can be used on various platforms including web and iOS and Android enabled Smartphones. File sharing, project tacking and integration of Zendesk, Campaign Monitor, Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive are some of its important features. Its free trial version is not capable to allow you to communicate through video calls. It can also be used as a mobile app due to its quality and integration with various cloud storage platforms. It also offers integration with third party services to allow you to use your Smartphone or tablet even if you are not in your office. 


Thus, various company communication tools allow people working in the same company and on the same project to communicate with each other whether they are located within the company premise, across the country or in any other country. The employees of these companies can be distributed in groups at different locations or working from home, but they can use these communication tools to communicate with each other as well as the management of the company by using their smart devices. 

We hope the brief information of various company communication tools provided in this write-up can help you to choose the most suitable one for your company.

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