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Top 5 Employee Communication Software

Communication is a process by which humans convey their ideas and thoughts with one another. This process is very important to keep in sync with all the people around you and it allows them to know about your thoughts and adjust their actions accordingly. When it comes to business, communication plays a very important role to enhance the effectiveness of the entire business. A business can never flourish if the employees aren't in good touch with one another. If your organization has a very strong system of employee communication software, you will notice the exponential growth in your business. So, in this article, we have handpicked the top 5 software that will enhance the employee communication programs for your business.

 Google Hangouts

This is probably the oldest and most famous software for communication. Since this comes from Google, there is nothing to doubt on about the reliability and security of this software. It has a very simple interface and almost any newbie can use it. The video call quality is just fabulous. This employee communication software is available for any platform either it may be Android mobile or iOS or Blackberry or even your Windows desktop. Hangout offers a quick and hassle free interaction between the employees of the organization no matter where they are or what device they are having. The login and starting conversation process is very simple. You only need to sign in with Gmail id and you are good to go. Now you can add your team members with their Gmail ids. Google video conference call with 10 people is possible with Hangouts.

ezTalks Meetings

This internal employee communication software is presently the best communication app for any business organization. It features a lot of tools and benefits that help it to take the lead in the market as the best employee communication software. Using it, you can conduct both personal and business video conferences.

This software gives you the best sound and video quality, easy screen sharing and whiteboard sharing, meeting scheduling, hosting and recording, instant messaging, and more awesome features that allows you to have a seamless experience with your colleagues. It also enables you to conduct conferences and meetings on the software itself, and you can add up to 100 members for free. The paid subscription applies minimal charges for all the extra wonderful stuff that it offers. If you consider our opinion then, it is totally worth it. This software also available on all the platforms, so you get a universal support with this software. If you take a quick look at this app, then you can easily understand that this app won't disappoint you even the slightest bit.


This is a very popular cloud bases employee communication program that is widely famous for Employee Engagement programs. This also aims to improve the communication between all the members of the organization as a whole. Jostle.me was a really small start up project, but due to its extra ordinary features offered at reasonable prices, this has become a household name in many business organizations from small ones to the multinational corporations. This is the only software that uses the cloud to secure your communication and employee evolution details.


This easy to use software is highly popular for its attractive interface and the customizability options. Conducting audio and video calls with conference is a joy by using this software. Zoom also offers some of the useful tools like screen sharing, recording the session etc. You can even organize any meeting via this app. It also offers live streaming of videos to better interaction and communication between the employees. Zoom offers the easiest way to join and create your own group with the employees of your organization for communication purpose. Simply, sign up with your email ID on Zoom website and you are ready to start your own group. The free version allows you to join 100 members of your group and a conference of 40 minutes at a stretch can be done. These limits can be eradicated by paying a nominal charge for the paid version of this software.


Flock is well-established employee communication program. It’s popularity is increasing day by day. This software is very easy to use, has an interface simple enough for the rookies, and has a multi device support. Almost all the top multinational organizations choose this software as the primary means of internal communication between their office employees. Using Flock, you can conduct voice and audio calls between all the members of your organization, all over the world for absolutely free. This app is so simple that you just need the ID of your colleagues and employees to share anything. The paid subscriptions offer dial-in numbers, more members in a conference call (both video and audio) and also screen sharing. So, in other words, this software is all that your company needs to keep perfect contact between all the members of the organization.

So, these are the best and vastly used employee communication software that can change the whole dimension and process of your organization with a systematic and effective interaction process among your employees. Choose as per your requirement and take your business to the next level.

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