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How to Hire Remote Workers like A Boss

Have you ever wanted to expand your business into a remote location that you haven't ever set your foot in? Maybe you have spotted a new remote market and wanted to venture into, but you still aren't committed to the financial demands it requires? Well, there is a way through which you can identify, hire and manage workers remotely. You wouldn't even have to come into direct contact with the employees to do so, and neither will you use expensive middlemen/firms. So how do you hire remote workers like a boss right from your home?

1. Identify the Qualifications You Want

The first and most important thing during hiring an employee to be it physically or virtually is identifying what skills you need them to have. To determine the qualifications required you also have to analyze what exactly the job entails. This will give you the essential skills that an individual will need to execute the job accurately. List all these skills down and then add the necessary professional skills that every employee needs to have such as cooperativeness, self-motivated, communication skills, etc. For a remote employee, self-motivation and good communication skills are very crucial. Remember that you won't be in direct contact with the employees. You, therefore, need them to be highly motivated so that they can remain focused towards the achievement of the set goals. Communication will also be vital because that's how the two of you will be exchanging information regarding the progress of the projects and the setting up of new goals.

2. Look for Potential Workers Online

Once you've shortlisted the qualification, you need the next step is to go online and start looking for individuals who can fill your vacancy. Initially, looking for remote workers used to be a huge hassle as there was never a platform where the employers can meet the employees. Currently, however, there are websites which allow employers to either post their jobs or scan employees to pick the guys who fit their criteria. These websites usually have all the potential workers resumes uploaded which enable you to go through their qualifications and previous experience. If you wish the employees to find you instead of you looking for them, then you can easily upload the job vacancy and the description of the same. This should allow people who meet the specified requirements to contact you for employment.

3. Conduct A Video Interview

Just because you have seen someone's resume in a reliable remote employees website doesn't mean that he/she can perform your job the way you want them to. You need to get in touch with the people before you hire them and see whether they really have what it takes to meet the intended goals. How best would you achieve this if not through an online video interview? Video interviews bring you into a virtual face-to-face contact where you can question the person to see how qualified, committed and experienced they are. Video interviews put you in a better position of making an informed judgment on whether you will employ them or not. To make the meetings as effortless and efficient as possible, you need to make sure you get the best video communication tool in town. What best interactive video conference software exists other than ezTalks Cloud Meeting?

If all you are interested in is to interview a person and continue communicating and managing them remotely then ezTalks Cloud Meeting offers the best video services to do so. The software has an excellent free version that enables you to remain in touch with your employees regardless of how far they may be geographical. You can communicate with up to 100 of your ground employees using a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. If your goal is to have an even bigger pool of employees, then you can upgrade to their affordable paid plans that expand your participation limit to 500 people. With such software conducting business using remote workers has, therefore, been made extra simple and very effective.

4. Conduct a Trial Run

After you have identified a talented and highly skilled individual you can decide to give them geographical will perform. A test run could involve a simple project broken down into multiple targets and then given to an employee. HR experts recommend that new hires should first be given a trial period of around 90 days to check how well they can actually perform and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Test runs are also crucial as they help you to evaluate how a person goes around executing his/her duties, the speed of their performance, and how they communicate with you. This can help you flag some traits they possess which could be problematic in future. You can hence, decide whether you really wish to continue working with remote teams or if you should consider looking for someone else.


Hiring and managing remote employees has never been easier than it is right now. Just because you cannot access certain areas doesn't mean that your business too can't penetrate to these locations. With video conferencing software like ezTalks, you can hire employees remotely, manage them and evaluate their performance so effortlessly while growing and boosting your businesses' revenue.

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