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Main Benefits of Working from Home

Working from home, commonly known as telecommuting, is becoming increasingly popular in today's job market. The idea has been largely embraced in the tech sector because of the nature and flexibility of the work involved. There are plenty of benefits that come with working from home-both for the employer and the employees. Studies show that people working from home tend to work for more hours and are happier. It further suggests that employers who adopt telecommuting save a great deal of money by cutting down on major operating expenses. That means the concept of work from home is becoming a viable option after all, even for critics who though it to be a not-so-good idea. Here we listed main benefits of working from home for employers/employees.

Benefits of Working from Home for Employers

1. Saves Money

By adopting working from home or telecommuting, the employer will minimize on financial resources used to build extra work facilities or renting more structures to accommodate more employees. With work from home, employees can utilize their own computers, take care of their electricity bills and pay for other utilities. This helps the employer to cut down on these huge expenses while enjoying the same quality of work.

2. Increases Productivity

Numerous studies have shown that majority of employees who work from home tend to be less stressful and more productive. By allowing workers to telecommute, they will create a controlled environment at home to work from. A home-based office is likely to have minimal distractions, which allows the employee to be more focused. That will result in the employee delivering quality work faster and with fewer mistakes.

3. Limits Absences

Employees who are working from home enjoy greater comfort, more flexibility and are less stressful. Unlike in the work centers where employees have to deal with the office noise, uncomfortable working space and crazy schedules, working from home allows them to craft their own perfect working environment. That minimizes on stress and illnesses, which eliminates the need to take work leaves. The employer will benefit by having workers handle major company projects quite seamlessly.

4. Allows the Company to Hire Top Talent

Employers who adopt work-from-home policies are capable of hiring top talent without considering the geographic limits. For instance, a company can hire the best programmer or content developer from anywhere to complete critical tech tasks. By offering flexible working terms, the employer can even steal talented professionals from the competition. That will allow the company to absorb the best team that can deliver or improve on productivity.

5. Allows the Company to Retain Skilled Employees

Majority of companies that enact work from home policies have a higher probability of retaining their workforce. Since employees can set up a quieter and comfortable home work environment, it's easier for them to work for more hours and ensure productivity. If an employee's work environment is made flexible, he or she is likely to maintain that position for the longest time possible. To retain such talented employees, a company should provide more flexible but reasonable work schedule and better remuneration.

Benefits of Working from Home for Employees

1. Reduces On Commuting Costs and Other Expenses

Working from home allows employees to avoid spending money on commuting or travelling to work on a daily basis. They'll also reduce on other work related expenses like acquiring formal suits, polishing shoes and buying lunch. Working from home allows one to enjoy homemade coffee and lunch, which leads to significant savings. And since the employee's salary will remain the same, the difference in the bank account will be visible.

2. Brings Perfect Work/Family Balance

Work/home balance is one of the biggest challenges among many employees. With work schedules starting early in the morning and sometimes extending into late night, it can be hard find time to be with family. But when an employee spends a better part of the day working from home, it's easier to interact with family and even create time for fun activities. With a proper balance between work and family, workers can be able to live a more fulfilled life.

3. Allows the Employee to Set Up an Office Anywhere

With work from home jobs, an employee can work from anywhere so long as he or she delivers on what the employer requested. One can choose to set up an office in the living room, bedroom, guest room or any other convenient place. A home-based office can be quieter, more comfortable and less distractive. With such kind of environment, an employee can always be happier, more productive and consistent in delivery of results.

4. Brings More Flexibility to Work

Employees who are allowed to work from home can perform their duties and deliver on assigned work from anywhere. An employee can work right at home or complete tasks while travelling. Attending meetings is even made easier with video conferencing systems. With such online meeting software as ezTalks Meetings, employees can hold meetings with colleagues and/or management using the minimal cost possible. An employee can even make online presentation, share files and communicate important message via live HD video and audio. With such software, linking up with the employer and sharing ideas colleagues can be more convenient and flexible.

5. Allows Employees to Enjoy Healthier Lifestyle

Many studies have indicated that people who work-from-home tend to eat healthy and strike a manageable balance between work and family life. Creating time within the work schedule to interact with family actually helps employees to feel less stressful. Eating healthy and living stress-free reduces the chances of developing conditions like depression, heart disease and other health conditions. That means the employee will continue to do the work which he or she has expertise in and that will lead to increased productivity for the employer. With better productivity, the company might review and increase the employee's salary after some time.


As you can see, working from home is a policy that comes with numerous benefits for both the employer and employees. While the employer largely benefits by cutting down on expenses and increasing productivity, the employee saves a lot on commuting costs and strikes a better balance between work and family. Telecommuting or work-from-home is slowly becoming acceptable, especially in the tech-based companies. With the ever advancing technology, it's easier to connect with people from anywhere and at any time. That means even delivering on work projects is made way easier as the worker does not necessarily need to be on site. If reputable companies can consider adopting this mode of working, then there is a higher chance of making employees focused, increasing productivity and cutting costs on operation. Also there are still some difference between telecommuting and working from home, if you are interested, check it out.

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