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5 Best Teleworking Software

Teleworking, also known as telecommuting, is becoming an immensely popular option for organizations of all sizes and shapes across the world. Along with saving companies a significant amount of money on office space, teleworking offers a myriad of benefits, such as lower employee turnover, reduced overhead costs, improved workability, and of course, greater productivity among employees. In light of some of these merits to both the employees and the employers, it is no wonder that one of the latest statistics conducted by a reliable survey agent shows that the number of workers working remotely in developed countries has surpassed 75 percent in the past decade. 

Although most organizations are moving towards virtual working trend, implementing an active teleworking program is not without its challenges. Indeed, organizations that get the most out of teleworking are typically those that take advantage of the modern technological developments to keep remote workers productive and connected. One of these developments is teleworking software. If you are looking for such solutions, then here below are the top five teleworking software for effective management of remote workers.

1. ezTalks Meetings

One of the leading telework software in the industry at present is none other than ezTalks Meetings. The solution offers you lots of benefits of free. It is one of those platforms that provide user-friendly experience as well as easy-to-use functions, enabling seamless virtual meetings and conference with managers and team members from wherever they are in the world.

ezTalks Meetings is feature-rich teleworking software. With HD video and crystal clear audio effects, you can communicate with virtual workers in real-time. The tool also features online meeting recording feature, where you can record an entire meeting or part session for training purposes or future use. Additionally, the teleworking software allows for easy screen sharing and access to various tools like remote control, instant messaging, online whiteboard tool, and much more. Lastly, ezTalks Meetings allows you to host virtual meetings with up to 500 team members from different locations simultaneously.

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2. TeamViewer

If you want to diagnose one of your teleworkers' IT related challenges from your office or home, then you need to try out TeamViewer. It is a free telework software and the highest rated desktop sharing solution in the market. It allows you to access another person's computer from remote. The software has been designed to include an option for permanent remote access, which means you would not require a password(s) in the future to troubleshoot issues.

More important, the above product helps facilitate worker communication. It keeps an eye on the progress of an individual employee, and allows you to remotely access employee's applications and files. That is not enough, the program also facilitates online meetings, where you can conduct team-training sessions or hold sales presentations. The software runs on all major mobile and desktop platforms.

best teleworking software

3. Skype

At the moment, Skype is one of the most popular and default solutions to manage virtual workers under big organizations. This is free telework software, which allows remote team members to collaborate and connect with their managers via voice as well as Skype video conference calls. The product has an array of outstanding features, which include the screen-sharing option available on premium membership package.

With Skype, you can connect to the world at affordable prices thanks to the dial-in-number feature. It is significant to note that the above software runs smoothly on all the main operating systems. Although this teleworking software offers lots of its basic features for free, getting advanced features require to subscribe to premium paid plans.

free teleworking software

4. ClickMeeting

If you are looking for a reliable online meeting solution for your virtual workers, then CloudMeeting may be a perfect choice. With this teleworking software, you can hold face-to-face meetings with remote employees as well as offsite customers from all over the globe and record them for later viewing. It is free software, so it is a cost-effective solution for your organizations with limited telecommuting budgets.

The telework software is an easy-to-use app, allowing access through VoIP and phones. Additionally, you can share screens as well as private chats with the help of messaging feature. ClickMeeting is ideal for holding a private meeting(s) within a larger conference call. The software runs BlackBerry, Android, and iOS mobile platforms. It also runs on Mac OS X and Windows desktop platforms.

telework software

5. Slack

Slack is another great teleworking software and instant messaging app that is used in many organizations for searching and building teams and companies. The above product allows the you to share screens, share files, attaching work-progress images, messaging in private, and so on with your remote teammates. The software also allows to have full control over the group and private conversations.

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The list of the best teleworking software are just endless, but the above mentioned are just but a few. While each one of them offers a lot of features that make it stand out at its own place, ezTalks Meetings undeniably gains a leap for its offering that does not require any investment. By and large, teleworking software makes remote working easier than ever before. It has enabled your organizations to save lots of money on supplies and office space as well as offer an excellent way to draw great employees from around the world.

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