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Top 5 Teleworking Tools

All businesses share one commodity – time. When time is managed effectively, productivity increases. Technology continues to provide organizations with new tools to help them manage time effectively and increase productivity. Teleworking tools are among the most important time leveraging tools for modern businesses. These inventive business solutions allow organizations to keep track of their day to day tasks, have real-time communication assign tasks and manage workflows. The need to work without having to show up at the workplace can be a big motivating factor. There are many types of teleworking tools out there that you can employ to organize tasks and communication, and manage your remote team. Here are 5 of the best.

ezTalks Meetings

A top pick for businesses of all sizes, ezTalks Meetings is an excellent and powerful teleworking tool. This teleworking solution makes communication among team member easier and faster thanks to its wide range of features and options. The tool boasts rich set of features, including easy screen sharing, recording and playback feature, cross platform instant chat, and inbuilt innovative whiteboard.

Also, this teleworking tool allows you to schedule, re-schedule or call-off online meetings. And if you want to host a video conference, ezTalks Meetings offers a simple 100-person video conferencing for free! You can't get this in any other program. The tool supports almost all platforms including Android, iOS, Macintosh OS X or Windows, both in mobiles or computers.

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Asana is one of the best teleworking tools out there. Productivity fanatics love this teleworking solution, and for good reasons. Businesses use this tool to keep track of their everyday tasks, while also giving workers a productive setting to follow the progress of tasks. As well as helping companies keep track of their projects, the tool also allows organizations to delegate duties, organize jobs into shared projects and chat within each project. Also, it allows uploading of attachments from desktops and sharing files and links. It comes with a calendar, dashboards for tasks as well as your own to-do list. Their free version can supports up to 15 members. User-friendly interface and useful features make Asana an excellent productivity tool.

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Glip is another teleworking tool that allows businesses to assign tasks and keep track of their projects. For task management, file sharing, annotating images, calendar, notes and group chat, Glip is a robust teleworking tool. It is well designed for task-management and managing workflows. This feature-rich tool is cost-effective, secure and simple to integrate with popular applications. Glip can be employed for task on-the-go with its native applications for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. The best thing about Glip is that it works with many apps that people are using already including Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, Harvest, JIRA and more. The tool is ideal for people and teams in any kind of industry.


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Slack's sweet spot is remote communication. This feature-rich telework tool makes communication and collaboration among team members easier and better. While it does not replace emails, it helps reduce unnecessary internal email. With Slack, teams can create spaces known as channels so they can have discussions. These channels enable employees to communicate privately or have group chats.

What's more, users can create a channel for every client and the relevant employee invited to join the conversation. The platform also sends you email everyday with important topics that you may have missed. And if you are lonely, click on the Slack List button for a selection of great chat communities that you can join. The tool for teleworking integrates with many online collaboration tools.

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WorkZone is a project management tools that offers project collaboration, document management, projects management, customizable reporting and time tracking. It provides with project information at different levels of detail in order to accommodate the roles of various employees within each project. The tool gives team managers and staff visibility to projects, so they can see what's next on each project.

The teleworking tool also notifies users when projects are late and allows them to quickly pinpoint projects that require immediate attention. Where this tool impresses most is that it includes safe web-based file sharing. If you are looking for a solution that will help you keep in touch with your team and track the progress of your project, then Workzone is your best option.

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We hope our list of best teleworking tools will help narrow down your search. Top quality tools for teleworking help you keep connected and track your tasks and projects as well as every team member in the same virtual setting. Whatever your choice, be sure to choose a tool that offers features that will meet your business' needs.

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