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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Telecommuting for Employees

Advocating time-saving and work-efficient, telecommuting quickly becomes a new working mode—working away from the business premise and usually in telecommuters' own home. With internet access, computer, web camera and microphone only, telecommuting can easily be realized. As a result, numerous people rush to working online from home without considering if they are suitable for telecommuting, let alone its potential disadvantages. FYI, I'd like to explain telecommuting pros and cons in details.


5 Advantages You can Benefit from Telecommuting

Greater Flexibility—Most telecommuting jobs having very flexible work schedules allow you to focus on other tasks that equally matter with ease, such as attending to household chores, taking care of children, shopping, etc.

Greater Fulfillment—Generally, you would be happier and more fulfilled than those who work under the traditional working arrangement. This is brought about by a confluence of factors including flexible work schedules, minimal supervisions and the lack of commuting to and from work.

telecommuting advantages

More Savings—Telecommuting requires no formal attire, no commuting expenses and no parking fees (for personal means of transportation), you are thus capable of saving more money which significantly bolster your disposable incomes.

Increased Independence—Telecommuting negates the need for constant reminders, direct supervisions from the managers and bosses and also offers less stringent working environments. For these reasons, you'd be much freer and more independent which contribute to greater fulfillment and productivity.

Suitability to Vulnerable Persons—Telecommuting offers a plausible alternative for the disabled, physically handicapped or mothers who may find it difficult to cope with the traditional modes of working and it is the only way they can be co-opted into gainful employment.

4 Disadvantages You may Suffer from Telecommuting

Isolation—Working from home is usually a lonely venture that may subject you to stress, depression and other problems that are associated with solitude.

Distractions—The home environment has plenty of items and people that can easily distract you, such as television, radio, video, kids and other electronics. This also impacts negatively on your productivity.

distract by kids

Lack of the ability to Brainstorm— (Photo via PikWallpaper)Different from working in the traditional office environment where you can easily brainstorm with peers when encountering problems, there's no one to consult if you choose to telecommuting. In short, it definitely impacts negatively on your performance.

Inhibits Career Growth and Development—Telecommuting makes it almost impossible to evaluate and supervise your performance, then how could employer recommend you for promotions? Honestly, it indeed greatly affects your career growth and development.

Taking telecommuting cons into consideration, hesitate to become telecommuters? Don't worry! There's always a trustworthy video conferencing tool that helps you keep close contact with colleagues and maximizes the benefits of telecommuting. And ezTalks is highly recommended here, you can sign up below for a free trial instantly.

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