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Tips for Effectively Working with Remote Teams

The advancement of technology has changed work is done. Unlike the past, the employees do not necessarily have to be in the office to accomplish their task. Therefore, managing of remote teams is becoming a concern for most business leaders. In fact, more than 60 million workers do telecommuting. In fact, many companies have saved millions due to remote workers. However, most companies face challenges when it comes to implementing an effective workforce environment. Here are tips that can help you effectively generate new ideas with remote teams.

#1. Effective Communication

Proper communication is the key to success in managing a remote workforce. Therefore, you should be a proactive communicator. Keeping in touch with the remote teams will help you understand them better and know what they are doing. Moreover, communication will also help your workers have a feeling of being part of the team. How will you communicate effectively with your remote team? You should invest in technology that helps your remote employees stay connected with you as well as other workers of the company. Tools such as Skype are great for facilitating face to face communication with your remote workers. If you need the best tool of the teleconference, then you should consider ezTalks Cloud Meeting software.

#2. Feedbacks

Just like your customers, you will expect to get some feedback from your employees including the remote team. As the remote manager, you should not be interested only in the task completion. Instead, you should also be concerned about the overall well-being of the team. In this case, you will get employees who are satisfied and self-motivated. It is always advisable to ask your employees if they satisfied with the company's operation. In this way, you can get new ideas that can significantly transform your business.

#3. Online Chatting

Many online chat tools can help you stay in touch with your remote team. For instance, you can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to chat with your employees. In fact, this is the cost-effective method that can help you get useful ideas from your remote team.

#4. Use Video Collaboration Tools

There numerous tools that can help you share documents with your employees. One of the most useful tools is the ezTalks Cloud Meeting software. This tool allow instant content and sharing, which facilitates seamless project discussions with your team. In this case, the remote worker will become motivated to share their ideas with the company's leaders.

#5. Daily Reports

Reports are vital for the success of any business. You should encourage your remote employees to be sending the report on daily basis. This will help you know the work-in-progress of your remote working. This report could include discussion around the key projects in your company. In this case, the reports include the processes, concerns, and issues that you have discussed with your employees during the day. Such reports will be filed to ensure that no information get lost with time. Managers who encourage their remote teams to send daily reports have received very positive results. The remote members get a sense of belonging in the team. This is the perfect method to get ideas from the remote members of your team.

#6. Create Process

Adopting a process-oriented approach in remote team management is crucial for the success of your business. In this case, there should be a single point of contact where you manage the team and solve their queries. This will help to improve the productivity of your remote members significantly. In this way, the business leader can get new ideas from their remote team.

#7. Set Goals for Your Team

Remote members should not feel isolated from the rest of the team. That is why you should set clear goals, tasks, and deadlines for them. In this case, the workers will know what they are expected to achieve in short-term and long-term periods. This strategy will motivate your remote team and share useful ideas that are crucial for the development of your company.

#8. Create Flexible Work Environment

This is vital for ensuring that your employees get happy with the work. In most cases, remote workers want some degree of flexibility with the work hours. This will give you ample time to manage your employees. Imagine how difficult to chat with your team if all your employees are online at the same time. Therefore, flexibility in work hours will make your team more resourceful for your company.

#9. Performance Review

A quarterly review will help you see how the members of your remote team are coping with the work. Usually, most of the remote workers feel lonely and isolated. Therefore, checking their progress on a regular basis will make them feel like in-house teams. You will be able to give your employees a constructive feedback after doing the review.

#10. Test New Employees with Short-term Work

You will get a chance to evaluate your remote employees before hiring them on a full-time basis. Let them accomplish a small project and then hire them on full-time if you are satisfied with their work. In this case, you are assured of getting a qualified workforce that is resourceful to your company.

#11. Pay Them Well

Most of the remote workers are willing to work on a little lower wage that in-house team. However, you should consider giving a good pay so that they get motivation for work. You will be assured of a team that works hard and ready to stay in your company for a longer time. Motivated employees will generate new ideas that are crucial for the growth of your business.

#12. Meet in Person

It is very difficult to create true friendship remotely. In this case, you should arrange for meetings with your remote workers. Meeting at least three times a year will create a strong bond between the company and the remote workforce. You can invite your team to team buildings and celebration in your company. Meeting your employees in person will allow sharing of ideas, which are ingredients for the success of your company.


Nowadays, more and more people prefer to work away from their company offices. In fact, the remote workforce has grown significantly over the past few years. You should consider using eztalks cloud meeting software to effectively manage your remote team and get fresh ideas for the development of your company.


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