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Top 10 Telecommuting Jobs

The improvement in technology and networking has made life much easier and more enjoyable at its least, for example, you can earn a living by either working part-time or full-time directly from the comfort of your seat: in your bedroom, kitchen or sitting room. It is no surprise that telecommuting careers are garnering the favor of many people globally. Perhaps you happen to be troubled by struggling with traffic jam to get to work in time, then the read on to learn the top 10 telecommuting jobs that can turn your financial dreams into realities.

top telecommuting jobs


With C.P.A knowledge or not, you can earn a lucrative amount of money in the accounting industry. Degree in education and a basic bookkeeping knowledge can work miracles if you go for the job. You only need a stable internet connection, accounting software and a printer to start making up to $100000 in a single year from the comfort of your seat.


Transcription and Translation

If you have the ability to speak more than one language and you have fast typing skills, then count yourself lucky. Why? With your "mere" skills, you can earn at least $100 per day. Many companies need to hit the global market and with your translation skills, you can translate their content to different languages and earn a living in return. What’s more, big organizations require the help of experienced transcriptionists for accurate record keeping.

Public Relations

A public relations career is another telecommuting job that makes you a billionaire. You can either do the job as a part-time job or full-time. Have you ever imagined the satisfaction derived from doing your hobby while earning? You will write speeches, create public awareness and act as an intermediary between customers and consumers. If you have many Twitter, Facebook or any other social media followers, you can take that advantage to earn.

public relations


These days, freelancing and content editing is one of the most rewarding telecommuting jobs that can give you big cash. There are many websites for telecommuting jobs where you can register to get as many orders as possible. Talk of iWriter, Elance, CrowdContent and more. Most importantly, you don't need a college degree in order to register with these sites. Creativity is the key!


Customer Care Services

In today's time and age, helping desk professionals working from home has made telecommuting career more enjoyable with the least hassle. With an average working period of 7 hours per day, you can earn up to $80 in a day.

Computer Tech Support

Being a computer support specialist can earn you good money if you build yourself a good reputation online. You only need to provide an email or phone assistance in order to be paid. What makes this telecommuting job rewarding is the fact that computer related problems occur more than often. The work is available at all time and you can earn an average of $50 per day.

computer tech support

Financial Advisers

You can run a financial advisory company as a home business where you can help different organizations on how to budget their finances in order to realize maximum benefits. A telecommuting career in this field can earn you up to $100000 in a single year.

Telecommuting Virtual Assistant

This is another satisfying telecommuting job that can really make you rich. The career involves bookkeeping, management services, event planning and even internet marketing just from home. Believe it or not, experienced experts in this field earn up to $100 per hour.

telecommuting virtual assistant

Starting a Home Business

There are many home based businesses that you can set within your ability. For example, you can start a home based event planning business, therapy of a training business, etc. With this, you can earn something to keep life moving.


Programming has taken the better part of the computer—dominated society nowadays. Web programmers and software specialists are needed in every organization. What does this mean? You will be paid better cash. Therefore, if you have a degree in computer science or information technology, you can use it to set your business. You can get many freelancing orders and work on them to earn.

Requiring less hassle but pays well, telecommuting jobs increases job satisfaction undoubtedly. In addition, don’t worry about the way to communicate with your employers in different places since ezTalks, the newly-rising video conferencing software, freely offers you a vivid “face-to-face” video chat experience online (just sign up below for free). Move away from office where you work under supervision and become your own boss!clipart picture source:netclipart|seekclipart|pinclipart|clipartwiki|jing.fm|clipartmax

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