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Top 6 Advantages of Global Virtual Teams

At present, monetary issues have compelled a lot of companies to select members of project teams from around the globe and thus help in saving both money as well as time by making them interact virtually using email, phone, and video conference. As a matter of fact, you will come across many more global virtual teams nowadays than in the past. And moreover, we have seen a quick increment in their numbers as well. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about the essential advantages of global virtual teams.

Top 6 Advantages of Global Virtual Teams

  1. Enables businesses to cut expenses

Global virtual teams will assist in saving on expenses such as utilities as well as real estate. Furthermore, lots of businesses prefer to outsource their operations to areas having reduced cost and, as a result, it leads to lowered operation expenses, raw material cost plus reduced salaries which in turn help to save on production expenses.

  1. Companies are capable of using global talent

Having a global virtual team consisting of highly trained employees capable of consistently delivering on tasks is going to be one of the primary secrets to being successful. What is going to happen in case you do not have the necessary expertise which you need? For this, it will be prudent to search for the talent pool initially. External talent will be able to aid the organization in these types of situations. Better yet, what will be the outcome in case your business would prefer to expand to a particular market? It would be much better to have somebody on board from that particular nation. They can support your business by providing you with pertinent information.

  1. Results in increased productivity

We are all aware of the fact that in order to achieve a better profession, the employees need to work harder. Nevertheless, keep in mind that employees also have their own families as well as interests apart from work and in case you are unable to take care of all these they are going to feel frustrated. Flexibility happens to be a term which has been tossed around when it comes to the happiness of the employees. It is good to note that several businesses have begun working on that; their personnel is permitted to function remotely when required and the number of their working days has also been limited. Nevertheless, workers get the much-needed flexibility with a virtual team in place. Furthermore, an employee who is more satisfied is going to be much more efficient in the long run. And their efficiency is going to help the business significantly.

  1. A team will be capable of working 24 x 7 on a project

Let us assume that a team is working on a software project in New Orleans, USA. They deliver everything which has been completed to a different team situated in Dubai for testing. The product is screened by that team which is based in Dubai and on completion of the work, a report is sent by them regarding whether there is any bug or any other issue relating to the project. This aids in accelerating the release of any specific project and likewise allows for a shorter time for development. This will help the businesses to reply to the requirements of the local as well as the global markets a lot quicker.

  1. Employees are provided with ample opportunities

In some cases, highly qualified professionals have rejected to work for a particular job since they do not prefer to stay abroad or are not ready to shift their family. Thankfully, it is feasible for that specific person to work from his or her own state without any relocating, thanks to the development of technology. They can easily look after their family members and do other important household chores as well while working on a project.

  1. Reduces carbon footprint

Savings on cost will help to improve environment savings. There will be less need for the workers to travel which signifies that less greenhouse gas emissions will be generated. In fact, teleworking helps to save a substantial amount of gas and carbon dioxide emission. Less office space will be used by the employers which will help to reduce the usage of cooling, heating, electricity and water utilities as well. This way, carbon footprint will be minimized to a significant extent which will contribute to the environment in a positive manner.

ezTalks Meetings is a well-known global virtual team management application out there at present. It provides a lot of free advantages and consequently most of the businesses prefer to use it. On top of that, it is extremely simple to use and will also aid you to attend any video conference without any difficulty.


Although there are certain drawbacks, global virtual teams will be able to provide numerous advantages for your startup and will prove to be incredibly effective for any small business. Companies, which happen to be in a new industry, are going to find themselves in a developing and creative niche by delivering these types of business solutions.

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