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What Are Effective Remote Team Communication Tools

A remote team can be explained as a group of people who have been brought together for a specific unified project or purpose. In most cases, these participants have the same head or work for the same enterprise, but they do not work together. The participants usually work in offices in different cities and even different countries.

An effective and uninterrupted remote team communication is very important for report teams. With the right communication tool the entrepreneur, client or manager via weekly and one-on-one spontaneous/scheduled meeting can keep a control on the ongoing project as well as receive and/or send important information.

In order to communicate with the participants in question, there are different platforms as well as standards of communication and 5 of these different effective remote team communication tools have been discussed next:

1. Trello

Trello happens to be a visual based project management platform. It uses intuitive cards and boards, and this is why this very tool is so effective when it comes to acting as a communication tool for remote team.

With Trello, the enterprise can manage project, track the common to-do lists as well as exchange important files from various sources like Dropbox or Google Drive. Besides, with it one can update any urgent information quickly, simply and effectively also.

Most users appreciate the drag-and-drop interface of Trello, as it makes it easy to use. One advantageous feature of Trello is that it keeps record (centrally located) of all the task related communication which can be retrieved anytime needed with just a click. It can be used on various types of devices like Androids, iPhones and Windows 8.

2. ezTalks Cloud Meeting

ezTalks Cloud Meeting is undoubtedly one of the best effective remote team communication platform currently available. With this very tool, a manager can host up to 100 to 10,000 participants.

Some other features which are same as Skype and Trello are HD videos, HD voice calling, recording and playback and private and group chat among many. The best thing about ezTalks is that with it one can enjoy all the benefits of unlimited cyclical meetings.

This one is helpful as it provides features like interactive whiteboard and screen sharing option as well. This very tool is known for protecting any sort of personal and financial date with full encryption which makes the communication free from fraud of any sort. This tool can be used in different devices such as Window, Android and iPhone.

3. Zoom

This communication platform is for a large remote team and can provide related help which most free online communication tools fails to. Zoom also provides facilities like unifies login, room collaboration, content sharing, process/marketing automation along with starting and scheduling meeting.

This tool is perfect for this kind of communication as it allows simultaneous screen sharing, group messaging, keyboard/mouse control, screen share photos/videos/documents and co-annotation and annotation as well.

With this, one can enjoy the advantages that comes with HD videos and audios, full screen and gallery view and joining by “Zoom Room”, Zoom Video Webinar, telephone dial-in and H.323/SIP room system. Zoom can be used in iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Chrome and Linux.

4. Slack

The best thing about Slack is that it is design to crater to the needs and demands of remote teams to make the communication satisfactory. The best thing about Slack is that the participants can post in an instant in one place which can be accessed to quickly and easily just by searching the chat.

It allows setting up of a channel connected to a particular task or project which makes this one ideal for communicating with only a certain number of the participants involved.

Besides, it also has some helpful features common with Trello, Zoom and ezTalks. Some of these features are sending different types of files and providing integrate and summaries with different used tools like Google Drive or DropBox. Slack provides all notifications directly within the app which is also another plus point. It can be used in Android, iPhone and Windows.

5. Skype

Many zoom users consider Skype as its alternative. In recent times Skype has become a popular VoIP calling app. But, unlike ezTalks Cloud Meeting, Skype cannot host up to 1000 participants, and thus it is best for a small remote team or for small business.

The voice calling of this communication tool is reliable, and that is why managers or organizers of most remote teams use it mainly for quick calls and check-ins. In fact, this ability to dial landlines easily is quite helpful. This is because for this one can loop in external participants or join a conference call. It is supported in Mac, Linux, iPhone, Androids, Windows and also in smartwatches (both iOS and Android).

These were just 5 of the most effective remote team communication tools which are being used by different industries/enterprises to stay connected nowadays. The importance of a proper communication in the field of remote team management should not be neglected. With any one or a combination of these mentioned tools, a proper connection between the participants involved can be established without any problem.

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