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What Is a Global Team?

Originally, team-based projects demanded all members to be physically present in a certain location for some period of time. However, sometimes it is impossible to bring all members in one place when you are managing a team whose members are scattered over the world, or we usually name it as global teams.

Global Teams Definition

What is a global team? Global virtual teams adopt the concept that team members can engage in and fulfill projects with little or no direct physical cooperation with other participants, allowing multinational companies to draw on the broadest talent pool available among their worldwide employee base. Teams usually never meet face-to-face and work on every project by utilizing VoIP technology and other video conferencing software, such as ezTalks Meetings.

Let's take it for instance, a multinational engineering company seeking to create a product, and assigns the pertinent internationally located workers to complete the goal as a global virtual team. The head project manager is located in the company’s London department, the project supervisor is in Tokyo and the project leader is currently in Boston.

Why Should You Build a Global Team?

Now, you get know the global virtual teams definition. Why global teams are becoming more and more popular? Global teams provide with many advantages in work on projects. Team members can have remote access to your company's data network at almost the same speed as if they were in the office. There is software that allows you to share files and make changes to them immediately online. Building an effective global team is quite easy. We will discuss this in our article hereafter.

How to Build an Effective Global Team

Set a common goal for the team. Members of the global team should know and understand what they are working together on. If people know only the current tasks and the work that they personally need to perform, they will not feel the team fully, but will act as individual performers.

Use video conferencing software for business meetings, communication, as well as for information and data transfer. ezTalks Meetings program will be an excellent choice. ezTalks Meetings provides you with a great video conferencing experience, doing it easier to start virtual meetings with clients, colleagues and members around the world in real time. ezTalks Meetings also allows you to share screens and interactive whiteboard function, chat with members instantly, and enjoy a lot of other useful features.

Assign short tasks to people. A remote member of the project is not one who can be assigned one job for 4 weeks, and expect the work to be done on time. Because of less control, you will probably find out about the time lag at the very last moment: in order to reliably monitor project progress and have more time to respond to deviations from the plan, you should assign short tasks to remote performers. A good rule is that the task should not take longer than the status period of the project reporting.

Be sure that people have the right attitude to the work. Both the project manager and the members of his team should be especially responsive in cooperation and teamwork if part of the team works remotely. A remote worker can very easily be in isolation from the rest of the team.

People working remotely should actively participate in online communication and not forget for a second that they are part of the crew. In addition, they must be particularly obligatory in meeting deadlines.

Communicate more. The project manager must be extremely proactive in his communications to ensure that each member of the global team understands what is expected of them. Without participating in regular communications, team members even of "ordinary" projects begin to feel isolated and lose responsibility for team goals. The project manager must ensure a continuous flow of communication with the virtual team, preferably on the basis of the Communications Management Plan.

Be sensitive to cultural differences. More and more global virtual teams are completed by people from different countries and different cultures. If you are in charge of such a team, find an opportunity to study the cultures represented in the team and be tolerant that not everyone thinks and behaves as you normally do.

Plan data and files transfer. Sometimes a number of people who are in different places work on a single or over interconnected output products. In these cases, the project manager might need to establish rules for transferring results from one employee to another, especially if varied time zones are involved. Plan this process so that you can be completely sure that the work on the joint result smoothly passes from the hands of one person to the next.Picture source from pnglot, netclipart, clipartwiki.


Eventually, in order to gather an effective global team, you need the appropriate software that ensures quick and easy communication in the team and also the team members must be organized, responsible, and be able to work in a team. The work of a large team should be monitored by managers and maintained a friendly, but at the same time, strict atmosphere. In order for the global team to work together for the common good of the project, all risks must be controlled.

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