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What Is a Remote Participant?

A remote participant can be an individual or a group of people or team which is attached to a system operated from a location other than the location of the participant. As per the remote participant definition the location of the remote participant can be within or out of the country where the system is located.

Meaning of remote participation

Remote participation meaning can be understood as a member of a system who wants to attend a meeting held at the main center of the organization without appearing there physically. Such organizations may have their offices at different locations within or out of the country. A remote participant can be part of the remote meeting by using some video conferencing software tool like ezTalks Metings etc.

Tips for becoming a successful remote participant

Business meetings are usually conducted to achieve a particular target since long. But earlier these meetings were conducted in the premises of the organization where most of the participants meet each other face-to-face. However, in today's technologically advanced business world in which companies have expanded their business to various locations within or out of the country and people have started working from home, such meetings cannot be possible unless you use some special technique. The use of internet has made it possible to attend face-to-face meetings even without moving out of your comfort. The remote participants of these meetings have to use video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings etc. that can support audio as well as video chats also. 

Today remote participants can attend these virtual meetings easily and effectively due to the availability of technologies for remote communication. But most of the organizations and remote participants make drastic mistakes during web conferencing even if the operation of these technologies has been considerably simplified since their inception. For this reason, most of such meetings end up with incorrect information, waste of time, loss of clientele and frustration. In fact the remote participants of these virtual meetings have to follow certain sets of rules, etiquette, tricks and tips to make their remote communication more effective. Some of the important rules and etiquette, to be used while using video conferencing software like ezTalks Meetings etc. to make remote communication successful, are provided here under for your consideration.

Be ready for the meeting: While attending a virtual meeting the remote participant should remain ready for it. He has to be well groomed and well dressed. He must clear his throat by drinking some water. He must put smile on his face while sitting in front of the web camera.

Keep your desk clean: Keeping your equipment and communication room clean is one the best practices to make video conferencing successful. There should be nothing messy or disorganized between you and the webcam as well as around you which can distract the other participants.

Organize your background: The remote participant should ensure to close the blinds or curtains of the windows behind you so that sunlight may not diminish the quality of video. He must also maintain silence in the communication room to avoid any distraction.

Have agenda of the meeting ahead of time: While attending a video conference meeting the remote participant must perfectly understand the subject matter of the meeting. If the virtual meeting is organized by the remote participant then he must ensure that all the other participants are informed about the subject matter ahead of time.

Be polite to other participants: The remote participant should login his computer few minutes before the time scheduled for the meeting. While starting to address other participants first of all he should introduce himself so that all other participants can know you and address you by name.

Minimize your body movement to the best possible: If you move your body a lot while talking to others then you should minimize is as much as possible while talking in video conference as your movements can distract the participants listening to you.

Make the whole process entertaining: It is very important in virtual meetings that you should always try to have fun and remain relaxed throughout. It the atmosphere of the meeting has taken some serious turn then you can try to lighten it by cracking some jokes so that other can laugh. It will also help you in keeping other participants engaged in the meeting and focused on what you are saying to the best possible level.

Speak flawlessly clear: Before the start of virtual meeting the remote participant should ensure that his audio system and other equipment are well connected so that other participants can hear him clearly. He should also ensure that he should pronounce every word correctly and naturally while speaking in the virtual meetings.


Thus, by following the tips provided in this write-up, while using ezTalks Meetings for video conference, one can easily become a successful remote participant.

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