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What Is A Remote Team and Challenges Working in A Remote Team

In most cases, any type of work produces better results when a team shares responsibilities and tasks. The simple act of division of labor help increase the productivity of a team as a unit; this is by combining the work force of each team member. Most teams are generally groups of people in a certain location, dedicated to realizing a certain goal by dividing the tasks available among each member depending on the skills and extent of knowledge each member has. This, however, is not always the case. There have been developments of remote teams that consist people, with different skills, that aim to achieve a certain goal. So what is a remote team?

What Is A Remote Team?

A remote team is a group of people who have different skills complementing each other, aimed at achieving a certain objective from different flexible locations. Remote team members usually have a specific team leader who has the responsibility of allocating tasks to each member, which they can achieve from their locations. Once the team members successfully complete their tasks, they can then report to the team leader and give the results of their work.

Considering the nature of this practice, it is obvious that communication is very important between the members and the team leader. A video conferencing software usually achieves this, preferably ezTalks Cloud Meeting, which will help improve the remote team collaboration from any geographical location. However, even though this team formation is usually very convenient, there are certain challenges working in a remote team. This article aims to outline these challenges and give a helpful insight to each.

Challenges Working in A Remote Team


Communication is one of the biggest challenges teams face while trying to collaborate and achieve a certain task. As stated earlier, ezTalks Cloud Meeting is, with undoubtedly, the best conferencing software there is. Most remote team leaders, due to the difference in locations and time zones, face many problems communicating with their team members in order to delegate tasks. In most situations, the members are either unreachable or the cost of communication completely high. However, ezTalks has provided remote teams with the perfect solution.

A team leader has the ability to communicate with each member separately, delegate him or her with certain tasks, and find out about the progress each member has made. ezTalks has made it possible for people to communicate privately. However, there are certain situations where the team leader needs to communicate with all the team members at once. This is possible thanks to this affordable and completely easy to use conferencing software.

When your members are in different locations, constant communication is completely necessary. For different reasons stated above, the team leader should always keep in touch with the team members. Unfortunately, certain video collaboration tools, such as mobile phones, are completely expensive and this might be a hindrance. This is why; ezTalks has a platform that is completely cheap, compared to other platforms. For a few dollars a month, ezTalks will allow you to communicate with a number of people at the same time.

2. Collaboration of the Team as A Whole

Each team has one, completely important attribute they need to take into consideration. This is remote team collaboration. Each team leader has to make sure that there is a defined time when the whole team can meet and share their thoughts, update each other on the progress of the different tasks and ask for help from others with different skills.

However, even though this is very important, it is completely hard to keep up the a remote team. This is mostly because of the difference in the team's time zones. However, there is a very easy solution for this problem. The team leader is advised to set the different time zones of each team member and allocate a certain time when the team can have a video meeting and catch up on each member's progress. 

3. Adjusting to Time Zones

This is one of the most common challenges of working for remote teams. Every team needs to work as one. In most cases, this is very difficult for team members because they have to adjust their operations in order to keep up with the rest of the team. It is important that every team leader ensure that their team members will not have to stay up at night and sleep through their day for the sake of their team’s operations. As a team leader, you should make sure you communicate with the members at a convenient time for their time zones and that collaboration meetings are set for time convenient for each.


It is important that every team recognize the challenges that come with working remotely. For that reason, you should recognize the tools that will help solve these issues.


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