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What Is Employee Communication?

Employee Communication is perhaps one of the most important aspects in the running of day-to-day business. The success of any business depends on communicating the right content and information to its employees to drive them towards the common goals set for the business. This article will shed light on what entails employee communication definition, its importance in any organization, employee communication software packages and their benefits.

Employee Communication Definition

Before we delve deep into the subject, we have to ask ourselves – what is employee communication? Communication is defined as the exchange of information, feelings and ideas. Employee communication by definition in the business world, involves the communication or exchange of information, ideas, opinions and feedback with and among employees to collaborate in a work environment to achieve the desired results as set by the management and the employee.

Importance of Employee Communication in an Organization 

One can never underestimate the importance of employee communication in any organization. When employees are integral to the working of an organization, their understanding of the organizational vision, mission, goals, practices and their collaboration among each becomes key to the success of the organization.

Organizational Management 

An organization is its employees and therefore the effective management of the organization comes down to the quality of information communicated vertically and horizontally among its employees. Employee communication is essential for the smooth day-to-day operations of the organization, the enterprise informational system and for better internal control, eventually leading to the success of the organization.

It is equally important to introduce channels that can enable easy and fast internal communication among its employees, as it is important to ensure the quality of the information that is shared.

Enhance Efficiency 

An organization cannot work towards achieving its goals, if its employees are not motivated, involved and committed to the success of the organization. The importance of employee communication in this sense means effective informational, motivational, emotional and control communication can be used to motivate employees for greater efficiencies in the work place. A large part of employee communication, therefore has to motivational and informative, involving information such as career advancement and learning opportunities and about increasing work efficiencies.

Image Enhancement 

Employee communication is important to deliver motivational, informational and emotional communication to enhance the image of the organization or the brand. And enhanced internal image of the brand will equate to an enhanced self-image for the employee, since her association with the organization that takes up the better part of her day. Typically employees are more productive in workplaces that promote a better self-image leading to a successful organization.

Collaboration and Team Work 

In today's complicated world, no important function or goal can be completed by a single individual. There are many interdisciplinary functions involved in every project, to eventually lead the project to a fruitful end.

Vertical and / or horizontal employee communication including conferencing and meetings are crucial elements of business collaboration and team work with information and ideas shared almost instantaneously to secure crucial competitive advantage for the organization.

Employee Communication Software and Its Benefits 

Employee communication software packages are those which solve all communication requirements of an organization with its functionalities. Communication among employees mainly encompasses point-to-point private or public communication, meetings, brain storming sessions, assessments etc. Employee communication software addresses any or all of these modalities of employee communication with information technology.

A perfect example of one such software is ezTalks Meetings which is an ideal example here because it addresses all the modalities of communication required in an organization. ezTalks Meetings, also formerly called the ezTalks Cloud Meetings is a cloud based platform that provides the inter-organizational communication tools required for efficient, easy and seamless employee communication.

The feature-rich software incorporates a set of tools required to communicate vertically or horizontally ideas, concerns, goals and to collaborate on projects with online meetings and video conferences. ezTalks features an online meeting facility which can be easily set up and used for meetings where important ideas can be shared and discussed. It comes with screen sharing, whiteboarding, and easy instant messaging for making communication during meetings a very easy and smooth process. The instant screen sharing and whiteboarding features are efficient in getting the employees to collaborate on ideas and for brainstorming sessions.

Whiteboards are not relatively new in the organizational setup. They are used during every brainstorming session, and the employee communication software has enhanced the whiteboards to a point where many can collaborate remotely, and brainstorm seamlessly.

They have video conference facilities that use HD Video and Audio to facilitate employee collaboration and one-on-one meetings effortlessly in real time. There is also the option of customizing the organization’s video conferencing platform as per demand with this employee communication tool.

The organization can use ezTalks Meetings for effortless communication with large audience, with video webinars where presentations, whiteboards, slideshows and audio and video can be used in conjunction. For the peer-to-peer communication experience, ezTalks Meetings comes equipped with instant messaging which can be used in any device platform, enabling document sharing. Public messaging is also facilitated by this instant messaging service.

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