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What Is Global Collaboration?

Global Collaboration Definition

What is global collaboration? In this paragraph, we are going to throw some light on global collaboration. This is obviously a wonderful topic since global collaboration happens to be a term which has become immensely popular at present. It involves the interaction of individuals online while making use of an asynchronous or synchronous platform which might consist of real-time encounters employing any video-based platform or maybe online interactions with the intention of building learning communities. Global collaboration actually refers to the methods in which the instructors and students are communicating with one another across the globe for collaborative experiences online. 

Advantages of Global Collaboration

a. One of the main advantages of global collaboration is the fact that it provides with responsiveness, local expertise as well as the liability of a highly experienced global team that is able to handle business processes efficiently, leading to reduced operational costs, improved end-user experience and also enhanced profits. Development is encouraged and agility is built when businesses blend flexibility and technical expertise with cost competitiveness.

b. As compared to the past, there is an increased demand for 24 hours service delivery. Global team collaboration enables the teams which are located strategically to operate continuously irrespective of the time zone and consequently it helps to minimize the risk of any financial loss by restricting interactions in business functions as well as systems. 

c. A sophisticated coordination, as well as collaboration capability, will be needed for delivering complicated projects. Applications which are web-based are able to offer centralized as well as secure repositories while improving interaction amongst global teams and also enabling the managers to control their projects successfully. 

Disadvantages of Global Collaboration

a. Collaborating in a global environment can make it really challenging to connect any closed as well as a proprietary social platform with the context of the day-to-day workflow. In fact, we are yet to use the social enterprise’s toolkit like video and mobile together. 

b. Employees are gradually turning into knowledge workers. Although their job is to utilize and also evaluate information for performing their tasks quicker apart from making wiser decisions yet they become victims of data overload which the present toolset is not able to fix. In most cases, the problem lies with fragmentation although enterprises usually do not have any deficit of tools intended for remote communication.

How to Improve Global Team Collaboration?

1. Encourage Social Communication

Global collaboration has one significant obstacle which is that the employees do not work collectively on a regular basis. In fact, it can be difficult to collaborate globally when employees are unknown to one another. It is imperative for a company to establish methods which will encourage communication amongst the employees. One solution to this will be to give an opportunity to these individuals to know each other while attending any event hosted by the company. Collaboration is going to become easy once the time arrives to work collectively. Some team-building games can also be encouraged which will teach the employees regarding skills for solving problems and also for communicating. 

2. Allow Confidentiality

It is essential for a company to have several confidential huddle rooms without any sort of distraction where it will be possible for the teams to assemble and also brainstorm collectively. 

3. Make Use of Team Collaboration Application

An effective way to enhance collaboration, as well as communication in the workplace, will be by making use of an efficient team collaboration application. Although it is ideal to collaborate in person, often the members are not able to do so since they are not in the same location at the same time. As a matter of fact, some of them may be traveling in some remote locations or they might also be working in a different workplace. The application is intended to share contents by means of videos, documents as well as video conferencing. Employees from different locations or departments will be able to assemble together with the help of this software which would have been otherwise impossible. 

ezTalks Meetings (formerly ezTalks Cloud Meeting) is one such application which has become really popular amongst the major companies globally. This cloud-based application is able to provide the employees with just one platform that will help to make team collaboration as well as professional communication really easy. It will be extremely convenient to host any online conference thanks to this amazing software due to the fact that after receiving the meeting invitation, the employees are going to attend it almost immediately. 


Besides all these above-mentioned guidelines for effective global collaboration, it is also imperative to make sure that collaboration data is readily accessible. In case the information needed by the employees for contributing isn’t available then they will find it very difficult to collaborate successfully. It will be prudent to make use of a cloud-based application where it will be possible to put all the files together so that everybody can have access to them. Ensure to make proper use of technology in order to make global collaboration easy for everybody in the office.

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