What Teleconferencing Equipment Is Needed for an Online Meeting?

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In today's world, technology is rapidly changing and paving the way for future of telecommunication. Teleconferencing allows meeting by a medium of telecommunication. It is a term widely used for linking individuals from different locations by electronic medium.

The technology used is more sophisticated than your average connection that you have on your phone. By using more advanced equipment, participants in a meeting can see the motion image of each other on a screen. This is called video conferencing. The audio and video in teleconferences are of high bandwidth. Sometimes multiple screens and monitors can be added also. Thus teleconferencing makes of special equipment called teleconference equipment.

A lot of equipment are used in teleconferences. From cables of high bandwidth to satellites, from high resolution monitors to pixel precise cameras, from sophisticated headphones to microphones, the equipment used are more advanced than your regular phone and PC. In this article, we shall talk about teleconference equipment and devices for online meetings.

teleconferencing equipment

Part 1: What is a teleconference?

A teleconference is a meeting between two or more people using a telephone. A teleconference can be a both audio conference or a video one. A simple form of teleconference can be a meeting between two people over a telephone. One of them or both could use a speaker phone to hear the other’s voice. In today’s world, teleconference is used as an effective medium of communication by companies, businesses, political agents, schools and educational institutions, hospitals, etc. It has helped to narrow the gap between the attending parties and bring them closer. Earlier teleconferences could only be carried out on satellite phones and radios. Today there are a host of advanced equipment which offers you features like 4k resolution videos, studio quality sound, and wide angle cameras to capture a whole room, real time inputs and much more.

Part 2: How teleconferencing works?

The simplest teleconferencing can be from your smart phone when you make a three way call. For larger parties and groups, there is a server which acts like a phone and can handle multiple calls at the same time. This method is called using a conference bridge where the server acts as the bridge. For video communication you need to have a video teleconference equipment. This can range from webcams, headphones with mic, monitors and computers. You would also need a high speed internet connection and cables of high bandwidth come into play here. There are also specific software available to handle other tasks while you conference such as mail, messaging, calendar systems and productivity applications. Thus you need the best teleconference equipment available for an effective meeting.

Part 3: What equipment is needed for a teleconference?

As mentioned earlier, teleconference needs high quality sophisticated devices to handle all sorts of large and small scale requirements. A high quality internet connection is a basic part of any good conference meeting. A good wireless teleconference equipment can also be a simple way to conference. Also you need teleconference equipment for TV to set up your display panels. You would also need monitors and a high quality sound system. The quality of cameras used is also a major factor in equipment.


Monitors play a key role in teleconferencing. They allow the video and images to be displayed upon them. You should invest in a monitor which has a good resolution. Most cameras today have full HD or 4k in them. You should also get a good projector and a screen if you do not plan to use monitors.

Video camera

This is the most important equipment for conferencing. The camera should have high megapixels and should be as high quality as possible. This enables the ‘real time effect’ to be present in meetings. Cameras should also be wide angle and have auto focus in them. A lot of companies manufacture high end monitors with dual displays, HD resolutions and much more. You can get good monitors from Avaya teleconference equipment.

Audio equipment

Audio in conferences should be captured through powerful audio systems. There are a lot of audio devices available on the internet and you can easily get a one which suits your need and budget. A powerful headphone with noise cancellation and a microphone is necessary when there are a lot of people in a meeting. A good teleconference audio equipment will allow users to participate more actively in a meeting. The Cisco teleconference equipment is a good option in audios and webcams.

Phone systems

Conferences can also be done through mobile phones. This is where you need a good mobile teleconference equipment. When teleconferencing through phones you should get a good software as a lot of bandwidth will be involved. A good seamless net connection will also make your conferencing easier.


Thus, a lot of equipment are not required for a good teleconference. However the quality of equipment used plays an important role in the quality of your meeting. Audiences are more likely to be attentive and engrossed in the meeting when audio is crisp and images are crystal clear.



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